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Synonyms for collocate

have a strong tendency to occur side by side

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group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side


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Permanently collocating them with other design team members could be harmful.
Collocating with Siemens VDO offers Synerject access to support services already in place, as well as manufacturing technologies synergies between the automotive and non-automotive electronics products.
We see collocating ANTEC with the Plastics Encounter trade show as a way to increase the visibility of both events and to make attendance even more valuable to SPE members and other plastics professionals.
Newroads has installed the MetaSwitch VP3510 at its own Fort Smith, Arkansas data center and is collocating Zhone's MALC with 48 port ADSL2+ line cards and 32 port T1/ATM line cards as its broadband service platform over copper access lines from SBC Central Offices throughout its serving area.
Additionally, by collocating with such a highly successful show, our attendees and exhibitors will benefit from the synergies of the telecom/prepaid integration.
Carrier neutral" collocation facilities such as the Marlborough building allow customers to select from multiple telecommunication service providers while enjoying the traditional benefits of collocating their data centers in a Carrier Class facility.
By collocating ITXC's IP telephony equipment at its switch facility, COMSAT Argentina is sending calls to destinations worldwide over ITXC.
Car Toys will also utilize XO's Server Collocation and firewall services by collocating its server equipment within XO's telco-grade data center facility in San Jose, California.
Since TESS is also collocating in the ILEC's central offices, the Company is able to deliver DSL services extremely cost-effectively, and to communities where there is often little if any broadband competition," Ferrari added.
This strategy could include building data centers, Web hosting facilities or collocating at a third party site.