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have a strong tendency to occur side by side

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group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side


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Importantly, all eyes have been on Alpha during the construction of this project as the States first collocated hospital and emergency services precinct, this facility is now a successful model for future similar projects across the State.
DLA Distribution provides a significant percentage of its services to the Navy via nine worldwide sites collocated with major Navy customers.
In these settings partially integrated models such as coordinated and collocated behavioral services have been implemented.
From a research and development standpoint, they are linked; they are collocated with TACOM, CECOM, and AMCOM; in fact, the R & D headquarters is collocated with the CMA.
A key turning point in CE implementation came when the members of the various functional groups were collocated into the same building, rather than in separate buildings approximately five miles apart.
Among the notional sets of lexemes collocated with 'blood', the most surprising is the 'colour' set--surprising because it is short on references to colour in a book filled with such allusions.
ITEXPO Austin continues to grow, as attendee registration numbers for the show and its collocated conferences are tracking 80 percent higher than last year with just seven weeks to go before the event, TMC announced.
To mirror this, a newly created international Transportation & Logistics Americas (TLA) exhibition is being launched, to be collocated with the already established MODEX supply chain exposition.
Management theories in the 20th century focused on the power of collocating teams to form interdisciplinary product teams, and they linked the social interaction of a collocated team (CLT) with its overall productivity.
ITEXPO Austin also features a multitude of collocated events, offering unprecedented networking and educational opportunities across the communications and technology spectrums.
Delivery: The results shall be collocated in a geological report.
The IT Community also benefits from its collocated access to the functional communities of program management, risk, logistics, contracting, data, and systems engineering.
MODEX 2012 Show Floor Education and Collocated Events
MODEX Conference Will Feature Keynotes from CSCMP, Georgia Tech and the Panama Canal Authority plus Events from 17 Collocated Education Partners
Industry's Leading Event for the Strategies and Applications Associated with 4G Technologies Once Again Collocated with ITEXPO