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have a strong tendency to occur side by side

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group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side


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DLA Distribution provides a significant percentage of its services to the Navy via nine worldwide sites collocated with major Navy customers.
From a research and development standpoint, they are linked; they are collocated with TACOM, CECOM, and AMCOM; in fact, the R & D headquarters is collocated with the CMA.
Among the notional sets of lexemes collocated with 'blood', the most surprising is the 'colour' set--surprising because it is short on references to colour in a book filled with such allusions.
As ITEXPO Austin approaches, we're very pleased attendees are coming out to register, showing their support for the incredible educational program offered at ITEXPO and its collocated conferences," said Rich Tehrani, TMC's CEO and Conference Chairman.
I found many of the program management and leadership skills I used when leading a collocated integrated product team were not applicable "as is" when leading a GDT.
ITEXPO Austin also features a multitude of collocated events, offering unprecedented networking and educational opportunities across the communications and technology spectrums.
The IT Community also benefits from its collocated access to the functional communities of program management, risk, logistics, contracting, data, and systems engineering.
All these resources feed each other and, in turn, make their capabilities available to the collocated product teams that build Ford cars and trucks.
MODEX 2012 Show Floor Education and Collocated Events
MODEX Conference Will Feature Keynotes from CSCMP, Georgia Tech and the Panama Canal Authority plus Events from 17 Collocated Education Partners
Industry's Leading Event for the Strategies and Applications Associated with 4G Technologies Once Again Collocated with ITEXPO
during the 12th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC 2007), collocated with EDS Fair at the Pacifico Yokohama.
The landing facilities connect seamlessly with Global Crossing North America (GCNA) and are collocated with Asia Netcom's East Asia Crossing (EAC) to provide backhaul services with diverse routes into major metropolitan areas in both regions.
As a result, Espanix members collocated at Terremark's Madrid facility will be able to have access to other Espanix members located at the core Espanix node.
Construction 2006 is collocated with Green Construction 2006.