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Synonyms for collocate

have a strong tendency to occur side by side

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group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side


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The total number of different collocates, however, is 96, as several node words have a collocate or more in common.
In the learner corpus it tends to collocate with words referring to sources of energy, but also with words referring to different types or aspects of pollution (e.
And, since the concordance lines are chosen at random for each collocate, the same line is sometimes chosen twice: so there might be somewhat fewer that 400 (20 times 20) lines for a head-word.
Nevertheless, discussing some possible problems managers may encounter can aid firms in making the right decision on whether to collocate their NPD teams.
or terms under examination" drawn from the subset of gender terms in French and pursues their changing role in the development of modem political and social constructs through the collocate words shown to cluster around them (353-54).
MHI, ITE and Messe Munchen join forces to collocate new trade fair for transportation and logistics with MODEX in Atlanta in 2018.
In this respect, collocation has a different value in the description of lexical patterns, depending on the units' frequency and position as node or collocate.
Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC's) were required by law to allow newly created Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, (CLEC's) to interconnect and collocate their equipment in ILEC offices and purchase ILEC services at a discount, to resell to the end user.
MODEX 2012 is also partnering with several industry organizations who will collocate events with MODEX 2012.
Connersville Police Department to Collocate on Carbon Campus
The Nano Science & Technology Institute (NSTI) announces Cleantech 2007, a multi-disciplinary and multi-sector conference on global sustainability and clean technologies, will collocate with the Nanotech 2007 conference and tradeshow.
AKRON, Ohio -- Plastics News and the Society of Plastics Engineers today announced plans to collocate the Plastics News' Plastics Encounter trade show with SPE's annual technical conference, ANTEC.
Mark Knights (41-70) elegantly demonstrates that "meer" collocates itself with "religion," not as an index of insignificance, but of a parturition from a new secular understanding of politics.
One will find probable collocates and, often, improbable data which both sheds light on textual meaning and forms a defining feature of the author's style.