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Synonyms for collision

Synonyms for collision

violent forcible contact between two or more things

Synonyms for collision

(physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together

an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object

a conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals

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The optimization included collisionally activated dissociation MS/MS, which was performed in the second quadrupole with nitrogen at 0.
A study of the collisionally induced dissociation fragmentation mechanism for different dicarboxylic acids revealed that MS/MS fragment ions at m/z 175 and 119 (loss of 56 and 112 Da) in n-butyl-MMA are unique compared with the other evaluated dicarboxylic acids derivatives.
3] scans only in the mass range of the daughter ions (m/z 90 and m/z 94) arising from the primary, collisionally activated fragmentation in [Q.