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Synonyms for collision

Synonyms for collision

violent forcible contact between two or more things

Synonyms for collision

(physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together

an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object

a conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals

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People are roughly seven times more likely to get in an auto collision than a plane crash - although plane crashes are more likely to be fatal, he added.
3 March 2015 - US-based collision repair services company Service King Collision Repair Centers has acquired Chicago, USA-area collision centre chain Central Collision Centers, the company said.
Vehicles then earn one point if they also have a forward collision warning system that meets NHTSA criteria.
com)-- Creative Collision & Paint has just announced that they are partnering with new fleet-based businesses and organizations in 2013 for truck collision repair.
In our nearly eight years of being foster parents, collision has been a theme for my husband and me and our foster children.
Opponents, including the Teamsters Union, worry that drivers forced to swerve around cyclists would place themselves on a collision course with oncoming traffic, especially on narrow roads.
During a collision with a motor vehicle, a moose usually is struck in the legs, causing its body to roll onto the hood of the vehicle, often collapsing the windshield and roof.
Streamers of stars created by the collision would have been visible for million of years.
New York Times' Sharkey survives collision in Brazil.
The new system, which can help lessen the severity of injuries caused by frontal; crash sensors, which monitor acceleration changes; and an ECU, which performs calculations to instantly determine when a collision is occurring.
A widely used collision resolution protocol is the exponential backoff (EB).
The consensus among system suppliers seems to be that collision mitigation capabilities gradually will be added to vehicles over the next 10 years or so, beginning, as expected, with higher end cars and SUVs.
Consolidators, like Sterling Collision Repair Centers and ABRA Auto Body & Glass, comprise about 3% of about 53,000 shops nationwide.
Study Reveals Close Association between Specific Poor Driving Behaviors and Collision Drivers
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 22, 2014-Service King Acquires Central Collision Centers