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The variables precipitation and temperature had collinearity with seasonal quarter, as did the topographic variables elevation and harvest area.
However, although our point estimate may be uncertain, the confidence intervals incorporate uncertainty generated by any collinearity (Kleinbaum et al.
2003) has quoted that the collinearity should not constitute a problem, if VIF values are lower than 10.
There were no concerns regarding collinearity among the variables in the final model since the largest condition index was 1.
000 Factors Collinearity Statistics tolerance VIF (Constant) Average Room Rate 0.
For the regression models presented in the next section, University GPA was dropped for collinearity reasons.
Additionally, factor analysis is used to overcome the problems of collinearity in regression (Field, 2005).
Because behavior covariates have been known to share collinearity (22), CART led to the building of behavioral groups that avoid this bias.
Due to the interdependence or collinearity among these variables, all of which are associated with time (age, time period and cohort), identifying the impact of a particular variable in a given instance may be problematical.
The correlation matrix of all the independent variables was examined and indicated relatively low collinearity (r < .
We also think that the collinearity problem when both tariffs and tariff-income interaction terms are included is severe, resulting in coefficient estimates that are extremely sensitive to changes in the regression specification (in addition to the well-known decrease in precision).