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We obtained by SPSS the Pearson coefficient correlation and collinearity statistics as follows Tables (3, 4).
50 between school type with school size and IHPS program made a potential risk for severe collinearity and school type was excluded from the multivariate model.
We also test sample data for collinearity through Pearson Correlation Matrix and Variance inflation factor.
The evaluation of formative measure involves the examination of convergent validity, collinearity and statistical significance and the relevance of the indicator weights (Hair, Hult, et al.
The collinearity was assessed by the tolerance and the variance inflation factor (VIF).
However, Table 1 also demonstrates that Model 3 suffers from collinearity between the variables Estimated_Hours (VIF = 13.
Although the resulting multiple collinearity is non essential, in principle can be solved by collecting more data, but the specific implementation will encounter many difficulties (Kolahan, 2012; Manavizadeh, 2013).
Missing variables in the regression models were excluded due to collinearity *** p<.
Full collinearity refers to the vertical and lateral collinearity of one construct in relation to other constructs (Kock & Lynn, 2012).
VGSC: a web-based vector graph toolkit of genome synteny and collinearity," BioMed Research International, vol.
I will combine physical mapping approaches (molecular cytogenetic and optical mapping) and sequence analysis to characterize and compare genomic collinearity (synteny) between genomes of Brassicaceae, Cleomaceae and Solanaceae species.
The collinearity statistics (SPSS 20th edition) indicate there are no serious collinearity problems in the model.
In the second analysis two variables (residence and place of origin) had to be dropped from the model due to collinearity.