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E] (C) = 3 if the three tangent points are collinear, and [[PHI].
To use a four-point collinear probe, the probe array is placed in the center of the material (Figure 1).
the diameter of G(P) is O(n) when P is a set of n collinear points.
One can prove that if ([GAMMA], x, E) is an STGQ of finite order (s, t), all dual i-roots on x are Moufang for the same group S [less than or equal to] E; this means that S has size t, and that all its elements fix every point collinear with x.
Collinear holography was patented by company founder Hideyoshi Florimai.
To examine the geometric fidelity of the motion estimation method, the cross-ratio invariance of four collinear points was used to determine the accuracy of motion estimation.
Whenever the two lines of support are not collinear (overlapping) one of them lies to the left of the other.
His text covers regression, including an introduction to linear models, regression on functions of one variable, transforming the data, regressions on functions of several variables, collinear regression, influential observations in multiple linear regression, polynomial models and qualitative predictors.
In figure 1 we plot the LEPS potentials for BrHBr and BrHI in their collinear configurations.
The two ports are collinear to ensure that the sensing can measure interferences in the same polarization as the operation.
v] = const) [7] is that its normal at every point is collinear with bound vector [[bar.
shoulder, elbow and wrist pitch), barrel cams for collinear motion (i.
In the collinear array excitation (CAE), the transmitter axis is collinear with the array axis and the nodes form a linear chain network.
If A, B, C [member of] g and A', B', C' [member of] g', then the points P=BC' [intersection] CB', Q=AC' [intersection] CA', R=AB' [intersection] BA' are collinear.
The transition state has a nearly collinear O-H-C geometry, which provides backward scattering.