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At every point in the plasma, j and B are collinear.
In this manuscript, we report only the office copayment amount because the various types of cost-sharing tend to be collinear.
Because market and supplier access growth is collinear we performed two separate sets of mandated wage estimates.
This measurement is made in a collinear direction with the flow.
Under steady-state conditions, the Seebeck coefficient is often calculated from the linear fit of multiple electric potential/temperature difference data points rather than one to avoid the assumption that the experimental data are collinear with the ordinate ([V.
Pindyck and Rubinfeld (1998) suggest that it may be reasonable in such cases to drop one of the collinear variables from the model and re-estimate it.
It makes it very hard for any slowly changing explanatory variables to be included in the model, because they will be highly collinear with the effects.
This east-west slab tear is collinear with the extinct east-west Sandra spreading ridge on the unsubducted Nazca plate which we postulate may have formed the zone of weakness along which the tear formed in the subducted slab (Figure 1, inset map).
Multicollinearity diagnostics indicate no problem exists with independent variables being highly collinear.
The second condition in Eqs (16) simply means that [OMEGA] and [omega] are collinear at the boundary z = 0.
Dot-plot comparisons of the Georgia 2007/1 genome with other genomes showed that these genomes were collinear, although deletions or insertions were observed in the regions close to the genome termini, particularly in the left genome end as in genomes of other isolates.
PUBLIC in both equations) will be collinear with the set of school dummy variables.
Define similarly the cross ratio of 4 collinear points in the plane, or dually, 4 lines which pass through a common point.
If we do not stock this water in infrastructure such as dams and collinear lakes we won't be able to satisfy the demand in summer -- the period of water shortage.