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the accurate adjustment of the line of sight of a telescope

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But the lack of collimation and the vergence-accommodation conflict are critical showstoppers [7].
Many physical factors affect the properties of scatter including energy spectrum of the beam, thickness and size of the object, and collimation.
The American Dental Association (ADA), International Commission on Radiation Protection (ICRP) and National Commission on Radiation Protection (NCRP) strongly recommend the use of rectangular collimation with intraoral imaging.
Correct patient labeling, radiation safety, and x-ray beam centering and collimation were not associated with a determination of diagnostic quality for radiograph sets.
Although SCTs require collimation, they need it less frequently than Newtonians do.
He also had difficulty with collimation changing at each re-pointing.
These devices are now available at 1940 nm with power ranges up to 12 W QCW per bar and optional fast-axis collimation.
Previous researchers have used a compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) for this purpose, yet it takes a very large CPC to achieve the high degree of collimation needed.
The dark room processing faults are also completely eliminated, thus leaving out beam collimation and good technique as the major potential sources of patient's over exposure (6).
Some examples of specific topics include the importance of astronomical plat archives as complementary support for astroparticle physics, dark energy models toward observational tests and data, high-energy gamma-rays from massive binary systems, anisotropy of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays from the surface array data of the Pierre Auger Observatory, jet collimation by magneto-torsional oscillations, the physics of the interaction of astrophysical jets with the interstellar and intracluster medium, galactic versus extragalactic sources for cosmic rays, neutrino astronomy with the IceCube Observatory and implications for astroparticle physics, and probing gravity in the Earth-Moon system.
Can locate areas of interest on a sample using the integrated color CCD camera and optional integrated 3-mm collimation.
Pitch is the distance the table travels per rotation divided by the beam collimation.
Here is another view regarding the lack of a lead glove and collimation in the radiograph of a toddler's hand originally published in the Technical Query column and discussed in the May/June Open Forum (see Figure): While tight collimation and lead gloves are both important for radiation safety and protection, anyone who has taken many hand radiographs of toddlers knows it can be a very difficult procedure
Mechanical or optical x-ray beam collimation in conjunction with video camera alignment allows confirmation of specific analysis areas/ features.
Other problems have included improper collimation, no purging and incorrect zero diopter settings and infinity focus.