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the accurate adjustment of the line of sight of a telescope

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Correct patient labeling, radiation safety, and x-ray beam centering and collimation were not associated with a determination of diagnostic quality for radiograph sets.
Size-and weight-related reduction in kVp and mAs, appropriate collimation and table speed can substantially reduce the radiation dose.
The tube assembly of this large instrument separates into two pieces for transportation, with a keyed coupling to preserve collimation on reassembly.
Some examples of specific topics include the importance of astronomical plat archives as complementary support for astroparticle physics, dark energy models toward observational tests and data, high-energy gamma-rays from massive binary systems, anisotropy of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays from the surface array data of the Pierre Auger Observatory, jet collimation by magneto-torsional oscillations, the physics of the interaction of astrophysical jets with the interstellar and intracluster medium, galactic versus extragalactic sources for cosmic rays, neutrino astronomy with the IceCube Observatory and implications for astroparticle physics, and probing gravity in the Earth-Moon system.
Raw data acquisition was conducted with the following settings: 130 kV unenhanced and 110 kV arterial/venous phase, 150 mA, and collimation at 1 mm for the whole body and 0.
Can locate areas of interest on a sample using the integrated color CCD camera and optional integrated 3-mm collimation.
Scanning along the axial axis of the entire hand including the carpal joint was performed by using the following parameters: physical detector collimation, 32 x 0.
alpha]] radiation from a sealed tube, two Gobel mirrors and two-pinhole collimation (resulting in a beam about 300 [micro]m in diameter on the sample) and a 10 X 10 [cm.
With both scanners, the gantry rotation time was 330 msec, collimation was 0.
A collimation unit is used to focus the laser beam onto the work piece.
The beam's focus and collimation control membrane thickness.
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Scans were obtained from apices to bases of the lungs using a standard HRCT protocol (1 mm collimation at 10 nun intervals, scan time of 1-2 sec, high spatial frequency algorithm).
The evolution has proceeded through several stages, from conventional CT to helical (or spiral) CT to new, multidetector CT in which ultrafast detector rotation and collimation can be combined to yield high-resolution, three-dimensional reconstructions of the liver, pancreas and related structures with excellent vascular enhancement.
Mechanical or optical x-ray beam collimation in conjunction with video camera alignment allows confirmation of specific analysis areas/ features.