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make or place parallel to something


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adjust the line of sight of (an optical instrument)

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High-Lumen-Output Collimating Skylights - Over the past three weeks near spring equinox, Entech Solar has on clear days consistently measured over 50,000 lumens of peak output near solar noon for a new collimating skylight with an above-roof window aperture area of only 6.
LightPath Technologies is introducing a new aspheric molded lens for collimating light from MWIR, such as quantum cascade lasers (QCL).
According to Torbjorn Lonnqvist, Senior Marketing and Sales Executive, Saab Avitronics, "The combination of our collimating lens with the OLED microdisplay delivers important visual data in a substantially smaller package, barely half the size of legacy systems.
17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- LightPath Technologies is introducing a new aspheric molded lens for collimating light from MWIR and LWIR lasers, such as quantum cascade lasers (QCL).
For collimating or shutdown of synchrotron radiation at 10 in the planning stage beamlines at DESY 24 piece drive unit requires two absorber jaws controlled drive to the photon beam.
When installed in a camera without additional collimating optics these LEDs meet the Class 1 eye-safety requirements of IEC/EN 60825-1 (2001) under all conditions of operation and single fault failure.
Now Available Collimating Lens Designed for Blue Laser Diodes
This non-uniformity becomes further pronounced with the addition of secondary optics such as reflectors or collimating lenses which are often used in our customers' designs," said Jason Posselt, Lumileds Director of Product Marketing.
Lightpath's DuraYag(TM) Focusing and Collimating Assemblies Provide High-Power Lasers With Excellent Performance and Lower Cost of Ownership
Aegis Semiconductor, an emerging leader in dynamic optical components and systems, and Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced that the Corning OptiFocus(TM) Collimating Lensed Fiber has been designed into the Aegis Semiconductor mosquito(TM) Optical Channel Monitor (OCM).
The result is a circular beam with significantly improved efficiency in collimating or fiber-coupling light in many laser diode products.
Together with LPI's highly efficient collimating optics, OptiLED uses a tertiary optical system to control the projected light pattern.
Waveguide Solutions announces a cost effective, wafer level method for depositing beam correcting micro-lenses directly on optoelectronic semiconductors with end-user specified optical properties, such as beam reshaping, focusing or collimating.
Aspherical lenses have some advantages over other technologies in light collimating and focusing.