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make or place parallel to something


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adjust the line of sight of (an optical instrument)

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It's fortunate that collimating a Schmidt-Cassegrain is this simple, because good collimation is critical for peak performance.
It was built in a mahogany housing for stability and had an adjustable width entrance slit, a 20-cm focal length quartz collimating lens, a Comu quartz prism, a 20-cm quartz camera lens and a plate holder for a 3.
The tricky part is to explain why this kind of process ends up collimating the wind so that it begins to flow parallel to [the star's] rotation axis," Shu says.
Company's Collimating Multi-layer Optical Film, Air Guide and Unique 'Light Mixing' Approach Enables Non-incremental Improvements in Cost and Simplifies LCD/System Supply Chains
The primary mirror of my Z130 was fairly badly out of collimation when it arrived, and collimating it proved surprisingly complicated.
Each Mini-QCL includes a QCL chip that's placed in an external cavity consisting of collimating lenses, a diffraction grating and a tuning mechanism.
Diamond Light Source require a number of focusing and collimating x-ray mirror systems for beamlines.
The slimmed down system features an improved sensitivity of 10 to 50 ppm, a series of 2048-elements, linear CCD detectors and a seven-fiber optical sampling probe with a 74-UV collimating lens and a sampling lens.
The modules incorporate collimating optics within their compact, lightweight anodized aluminum housings.
The modules consist of an anodized aluminum housing, laser diode, drive circuit and collimating lens, either cylindrical or with a 25 mm mounting flange.
This makes them well-suited for collimating light beams emitted by solid-state lasers based on gallium arsenide, a related material remarkable for its ability to transform electronic excitations into laser beams and vice versa.
Both products are based on our patented collimating skylight technology that redirects the solar rays to the working area beneath the skylight, and thereby provides significant improvements over conventional skylights in both the quantity and quality of the light delivered to the working space.
Rare is the scope that doesn't use three evenly spaced adjustment screws both for collimating the primary mirror and setting the tilt of the secondary.
A special collimating lens captures, then focuses the light from the LEDs to the fiber optic panel.
Its collimating lens provides a comfortable viewing distance even at very close range.