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Synonyms for collimate

make or place parallel to something


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adjust the line of sight of (an optical instrument)

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It incorporates a lensed IR LED and phototransistor elements to collimate the light beam for enhanced resolution at a detection range from 0.
However, unfortunately in the present time we must collimate our incident beam very severely to minimize the leakage radiations in order to maintain very low background radiation level in our neutron guide hall to aviod possible influence to neighboring experiments.
The unit utilizes new patent-pending Collitron eyepiece holders that allow the user to precisely collimate the unit without tools, and both sides focus with non-rotating helical motion.
As an added feature, nLight can include an AR-coated cylinder lens to collimate the fast-axis to <2[degrees], FWHM, with >95 percent power transmission.
This is why you should collimate your scope--you want to ensure you're viewing the very best part of the primary's focal plane.