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consider (an instance of something) as part of a general rule or principle


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In this paper colligations are viewed as lexico-syntactic structures, in line with Biber's definition of the phenomenon as 'lexico-grammatical associations' (Biber et al.
The latter are usually referred to as colligation (see Siepmann 2005: 411-419; Sinclair 2000: 200; Hanks 2008: 222; Hoey and Brook 2008: 294; Hoey 2000: 234).
Both types of evolution consist of immense and successive colligations of factors.
Latter is an unbounded version of the operator colligations product first introduced by Brodskii and Livsic.
A concordancing programme allows the investigator to examine not simply the frequencies of individual words like then, but also frequent and/or idiosyncratic collocations and colligations.