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Synonyms for colligate

consider (an instance of something) as part of a general rule or principle


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The fact is, the announced number at virtually every pro and colligate sporting event is vastly higher than the actually number of fans that are there.
As per details, three people were injured including a teacher and two children in a blast in New Modern Colligate School.
In response to employer concerns, academia has recently put forth a concerted effort to sharpen students' basic writing skills by requiring writing assignments in the majority of colligate coursework.
To continue Trot's (2001) idea, it can be predicated that Olsen, Sallis (2006) significantly colligate consumers' willingness to accept a new product and the level of particularity analysis of business conditions.
Personal observations, as well as data collected from thirty-six years of teaching biology at the colligate level, simply reinforce the view that misconceptions concerning evolutionary theory run amuck in our educational systems.