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a workplace consisting of a coal mine plus all the buildings and equipment connected with it

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Its proud history is today celebrated at the nearby Woodhorn Colliery Museum, which is well worth a visit.
Industrial action by the union helped to cut the miners' backbreaking working day from 18 hours to a mere 12 and to break up the system of "Tommy Shops" - where miners' pay was diverted to the colliery owner's shop where they and their families were forced to buy provisions.
Uitkomst Colliery is a high-grade thermal export-quality coal deposit with metallurgical applications.
The colliery was intended to have a lifespan of 100 years but |it was closed in January 1991.
There have been serious geological difficulties at the colliery, but 12 month ago it was planned to spend PS250,000 on developments which, it was thought, would have improved productivity.
Charles Breslin, 62, David Powell, 50, Phillip Hill, 44, and Gary Jenkins, 39, died at the Gleision Colliery near Pontardawe in September 2011 after the mine they were working in suddenly flooded.
Among the other brass bands on the new release with be Point of Ayr's arch rivals The Grimethorpe Colliery Band, who provided the soundtrack to the 1994 film Brassed Off.
The HSE is also taking court action after a fourth man died at Welbeck colliery, Meden Vale, near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in November 2007.
EXTRACTION: Dave Lofthouse with an example of coalface cutting machinery house Colliery, in one (tmcHUD020909gallery) WELL SUPPORTED: Guide Dave Lofthouse at Caph the galleries * UP AND DOWN: Harold Taylor with the Caphouse Colliery steam winding gear (tmcHUD020909wind) * AT A SLANT: Caphouse Colliery drift mine's entrance with museum guide Harold Taylor (tmcHUD020909drift) * ALL MINE: The former Caphouse Colliery near Grange Moor in 1983, now the Natio onal Mining Museum for England (tmcHUD020909cap)
These are brass discs with the name of the colliery on them as well as the miner's number.
We do know that Chatterley Whitfield before it was closed was familiar with his work, and also Woodhorn Colliery in Ashington.
The board warned last night that what could happen by the withdrawal of safety men had already been illustrated at the Goldthorpe-Highgate pit, near Doncaster, where colliery management yesterday fought a fire that started as a result of spontaneous combustion.
For generations, Ashington Colliery provided work and gave the town its identity.
FORMER colliery worker David Chapman has hailed a company's move of naming its production lines after Northumberland pits as a "fitting tribute" to the area's mining heritage.
The images capture sites throughout South Wales including Deep Duffryn Colliery in Mountain Ash, Naval Colliery in Tonypandy, Great Western Colliery in Pontypridd and Park Colliery in Treorchy.