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a workplace consisting of a coal mine plus all the buildings and equipment connected with it

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Alex Smith, the secretary of Lea Hall and Brereton Collieries Memorial Society, said that: "As a society we felt that it was important to remember an industry that's now been consigned to the history books and is only part of a study topic at school.
I have listed below the names of some of the collieries I am trying to obtain a lamp check from.
Are there any fellow ex-miners or, indeed, anyone out there who could please help me obtain any checks or tokens from the now long-closed collieries of your area?
Some of the collieries I am trying to obtain a lamp check from are Pooley Hall, Amington, Alvecote, Glascote, Griff Clara, Griff No 4, Birchmoor, Haunchwood (Tunnel), North Warwick, Arley, Ansley Hall, Kingsbury, Wyken, Craven, Stockingford and Binley.
Other collieries I amtrying to obtain lamp checks from are: Ifton, Llay Hall, Llay Main, Black Park, Gresford, Bersham, Vauxhall, Bagillt, Point Of Ayr.
The two new collieries would create up to 1,500 jobs (direct and indirect).
Visitors had the opportunity to see the historic winding engine in action and to find out more about the museum's exciting new plans to interpret the history of collieries throughout Caerphilly County Borough as well as telling the specific story of Elliot Colliery and its winding engine, around which the Winding House museum is built.
The life and times of the two collieries and their communities is explored by Dorothy Hall and George Nairn in their new book Chester Moor & Waldridge, by Summerhill Books at pounds 9.
ENERGY support group Hargreaves Services, which runs collieries and cokeworks, says new working practices are boosting production.
Mr Steeples, who lived with his partner Nicola and 13-year-old son Andrew was an experienced miner who had worked at other collieries, including Gedling and Ollerton in Nottinghamshire and Asfordby in Leicestershire.
I have listed here the names of some of the collieries I am trying to obtain a lamp check from.
Mr Mejzmer asked witness Ken Davies, the Tower Collieries company secretary, 'Did you appreciate that the commission Mr Stanton would have got would be less and less and tailed off .
Mineworkers will be offered alternative jobs at other collieries or redundancy payments of up to pounds 27,000, said owners UK Coal.
I would very much like to hear from any one who once worked at and can remember these and other collieries working and any help they can give me in trying to obtain any lamp checks from them would be very much appreciated.
The project is reclaiming 87 acres previously occupied by the Fenwick, Eccles, West Holywell and Backworth collieries.