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an accelerator in which two beams of particles are forced to collide head on

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Evans, who lives in Switzerland, is now director of the Linear Collider Collaboration, which is planning a nextgeneration collider, but he is still making himself available to provide advice about the LHC.
I have even designed miniature models of the dipole magnets used in the Large Hadron Collider to build a representative accelerator ring.
With collision energies capable of reaching 14 tera electronvolts (TeV), the collider is designed to push a proton beam close to the speed of light, sending it whizzing 11,000 times a second around a 27-kilometer (17-mile) tunnel some 100 meters (32 5 feet) below the ground in an area straddling the Swiss-French border.
7 million toward total project costs of $37 million for Western University to create the Fraunhofer Project Centre @ Western (FPC) and the Collider.
Experiments at the LHC at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland and the Tevatron collider at Fermilab near Chicago in Illinois, USA are the only ones that have ever seen top quarks-the heaviest elementary particles ever observed.
The parties signed a letter of intent Thursday to cooperate on building the collider, planned for 2017, on the premises of the already existing Nuclotron particle accelerator in the town of Dubna, RIA Novosti reported.
AUSTIN, Texas, April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Collider -a technology provider that maximizes cross-device media value for publishers-announced today that it has developed a predictive targeting solution that enables publishers to more efficiently deliver audience guaranteed campaigns as measured by Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings.
Recent days brought news of two scientific breakthroughs: The rover Curiosity found evidence that Mars was once a watery planet and had the mineral building blocks for life, and the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland detected the long-sought Higgs boson.
THE Large Hadron Collider is set to give way - for an even larger model.
THE accuracy of a West Midlands engineering firm's components will be tested to the limit after securing a major contract to supply parts to a facility similar to the Large Hadron Collider.
Kingswinford-based TM Engineers, which employs 55 staff, won an order to manufacture and supply crucial mechanical components for the world-famous Large Hadron Collider based in Geneva, home of the long-running scientific study project.
THE rugby-loving Welsh scientist behind the particle collider which is starting to unravel the mysteries of the universe has been handed an even bigger job.
An unnamed German lady also filed suit to stop the Large Hadron Collider in her own country's constitutional court, but they ruled she was "unable to give a coherent account of how her fears would come about.
Summary: Scientists behind the Large Hadron Collider want to take their research a step further by building an even bigger machine.
After a year of technical problems, bad publicity and staggered momentum, the Large Hadron Collider has returned to work with a vengeance.