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The puzzle pieces--or plates--move slowly; But they continually collide with each other or pull apart.
The Suzuki bike went on to collide with the owner of a second car and then the car itself.
Auroras shimmer and glow when high-speed particles from the sun collide with gases in Earth's atmosphere.
If dark matter particles can collide with each other, for example, then they might avoid getting crowded together near the centers of galaxies, despite gravitational attraction.
The impact caused the Mercury to spin into the car-pool lane and collide with an oncoming Acura driven by a 23-year-old Thousand Oaks woman, said California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Watson, who investigated the crash.
Theoretical models suggest that most of the X rays from this remote blazar are created when high-speed electrons in the jet collide with the sea of cosmic background photons left over from the Big Bang.
Timothy Spahr, a graduate student in astronomy at the University of Florida who made the latest discovery, said in an interview Friday from the observatory outside Tucson that if an object of this size were to collide with Earth, ``it would be very bad, but it wouldn't wipe out everything.
Because galaxies are known to collide with each other, scientists suspect the galaxies' black holes also crash together sometimes.