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a cone-shaped chuck used for holding cylindrical pieces in a lathe


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Providing an ER collet chuck and quick change system in one toolholder allows you to buy fewer tools than you would have to otherwise," says Anthony DeHart , director of sales and business development at WTO USA.
In the past, the shop has employed regular balanced and balanceable collet chucks and endmill holders.
Look at non-traditional tooling systems like Shrink Fit and Ultra-Precision Collet Chucks.
Command's solution for drilling and chamfering in a single operation offers solid carbide drills in combination with a chamfer collar collet chuck system (left) that can be used instead of special step drills in many applications from 5/32" to 3/4" (4 mm to 20 mm).
Hydraulic pressure is supplied to the lower port to drive a wedge upward to mechanically lock a collet chuck around the cylinder plunger.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Collet Chuck For M12 Tap (1) Hsk A100 Er25 Colletchuck E9306567525100 Quantity = 01 No.
An encoder attached to the spindle enables synchronized high-speed rigid tapping with a standard collet chuck.
The holders are available for CAT40 and CAT50 spindles, in ER collet chuck and endmill holder styles.
Tenders are invited for Straight Shank Er Mini Collet Chuck
Increase capabilities by substituting a collet chuck for a jaw chuck for part diameters up to 4" depending on the spindle size.
ProDyne Servo collet chuck is compatible with machines using an A-5, A-6, or A-8 spindle nose and can easily be mounted using the machine's
Tenders are invited for Bt40er 25 Collet Chuck Adapter
Limited tenders are invited for Collet chuck bt 40 er 25 x 100 length.
The system uses standard DC-type collet chuck assemblies that feature ball bearing nosepieces for accuracy, MDS coolant-fed drills, and ER coolant collets.
It features a hydraulic collet chuck and automatic parts unloading, as well as a 10-station "U"-shaped cross slide gang tooling with "T" slots for toolholder positioning.