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any of numerous minute wingless primitive insects possessing a special abdominal appendage that allows the characteristic nearly perpetual springing pattern

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Animals, especially micro-arthropods, become abundant when pore- or channel-containing unconsolidated sediments transform to habitats, Collembolans are known from the early stages of primary succession [27-29].
As showed in Figure 4 and Table I all the models could fit the collembolan SAD quite well but the difference between the expected and observed SAD still have a large significant discrepancy (indicated by Chi-square and K-S tests).
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In addition, seven species (one pseudoscorpion, one collembolan, one bivalve, one ephemeropteran, and three trichopterans) are removed from the state list and a synthesis of new distributional records and changes in nomenclature are provided for several species.
conventional ploughing on collembolan populations in an organic wheat field.
The collembolan Pachytullbergia scabra Bonet (Collembola: Pachytullbergiidae) was present on the epiphytic corticolous thalli of the lichen species Pseudocyphellaria granulata (C.
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The fecal material from raccoons may provide such a source for a collembolan bloom.
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