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any of numerous minute wingless primitive insects possessing a special abdominal appendage that allows the characteristic nearly perpetual springing pattern

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During the field experiment, a separate laboratory study measured mortality in newly dispersed spiderlings assigned to one of three treatments: (1) starved, (2) fed a collembolan once a week, and (3) fed Collembola in excess.
Extramatrical mycelial growth, biomass allocation and nitrogen uptake in ectomycorrhizal systems in response to collembolan grazing.
Smith W (2004) Effects of organic matter removal, soil compaction, and vegetation control on Collembolan population.
Changes in collembolan species composition in Eastern German mine sites over fifty years of primary succession.
For oribatid and collembolan SAD curves geometric model is the most favored one.
3-fold, which was a much smaller difference than that observed in collembolan abundance (3.
Relationships between soil chemistry, microbial biomass and the collembolan fauna of southern Quebec sugar maple stands.
Chagnon M, Pare D, Hebert C, Camire C (2001) Effects of experimental liming on collembolan communities and soil microbial biomass in a southern Quebec sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.
In addition, seven species (one pseudoscorpion, one collembolan, one bivalve, one ephemeropteran, and three trichopterans) are removed from the state list and a synthesis of new distributional records and changes in nomenclature are provided for several species.
conventional ploughing on collembolan populations in an organic wheat field.
The collembolan Pachytullbergia scabra Bonet (Collembola: Pachytullbergiidae) was present on the epiphytic corticolous thalli of the lichen species Pseudocyphellaria granulata (C.