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of or resembling or typical of a college or college students


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The aim of PCCL is to broaden the sports program of schools, particularly collegiate basketball, by providing more competitive activities that would benefit student-player development.
Collegiate athletes may compete with third parties, while they
The funds generated by the development will be used to support the Collegiate Churches' charitable and housing programs.
Oracle President Mark Hurd, who attended Baylor on a tennis scholarship, is a strong supporter of collegiate tennis.
Collegiate licensing, Kaplan said, is Tervis' largest independent segment of business, "and it's growing.
But failure to convert possession and perhaps a loss of structure and direction prevented Collegiate from pulling away, and a momentary lapse in concentration allowed Orsmkirk to score a breakaway try down the wing, putting Collegiate on the back foot.
Just about every Division I-A collegiate athletic program employs at least one full-time strength / conditioning coach who has a minimum of a bachelors degree--with many holding a masters degree or higher--in an exercise science area of emphasis.
Despite that, Collegiate posted a series of impressive wins on the first day - making it through to the last 16 and day two of the competition.
Angela Williams was honored by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics.
Pat Battle of Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), which is a member of ACLA and also plans to join NCLA, illustrates the growing role of athletic departments by noting that for six of its top 25 client universities in 1993, CLC's primary licensing contact came out of the athletic department; by this year, that number had risen to 14.
These institutions will work together to provide the trade a truer picture of the entire collegiate licensing industry, as well as maximizing opportunities for collegiate brands and helping to prevent the unauthorized use and sale of products bearing the members' logos.
Colorado distance runner Jenny Barringer, Texas high jumper Destinee Hooker and Texas A&M sprinter Porscha Lucas are the three women's finalists for The Bowerman, an inaugural award that will annually recognize the most outstanding collegiate men's and women's track and field athletes.
The Collegiate Church Corporation announced today that it was offering for sale an 80 percent ownership position, in the fee interest of the land beneath 600 Fifth Avenue, located at 48th Street and Fifth Avenue, at the southeast corner of Rockefeller Center.
The Kodak/WBCA All-America Teams honor the ten best collegiate women's basketball players in the nation.
URBAN SPLASH will soon release for sale its two stunning penthouses at the Collegiate, Shaw Street, Liverpool.
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