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of or resembling or typical of a college or college students


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the half;' but what was now called, as being more elegant, and more strictly collegiate, 'the term,' would expire to-morrow.
Arthur Clennam would have been little disposed to linger in bed, though his bed had been in a more private situation, and less affected by the raking out of yesterday's fire, the kindling of to- day's under the collegiate boiler, the filling of that Spartan vessel at the pump, the sweeping and sawdusting of the common room, and other such preparations.
Collegiate Project Grants provide financial assistance to MTNA Collegiate Chapters for the development of the Chapter's presence In the community through projects offering educational and professional development for collegiate members, as well as support and promotion of music in the community.
We are committed to providing support for both professional and collegiate tennis, said Larry Ellison.
Barrett, also a finalist a year ago, claimed both the indoor and outdoor NCAA high jump titles for the third consecutive year, setting a collegiate record during the outdoor season.
Collegiate licensing appears most successful in just a few product categories, such as drinkware and serveware, but those niches have exponential possibilities when you consider the market, one vendor said.
The award recognizes SAE Collegiate Branches for exemplary performance in the areas of technical meetings, networking opportunities, SAE Collegiate Design Series teams, membership and recruitment, and community service programs, like A World In Motion[R].
Collegiate started brightly and controlled the majority of possession in the first half, and they went into the half time break 10-6 up with all to play for.
One notable organization is the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa), which has unified collegiate strength and conditioning professionals with a highly respected certification process and a host of educational and professional growth initiatives, while maintaining an open-mind to various training approaches.
Studley's Woody Heller, executive managing director, is acting on behalf of Collegiate in the transaction.
Fiona Woodward, sales and marketing director of Urban Splash, said: ``Sipping an OJ at breakfast looking out over the Mersey towards North Wales, or relaxing with an aperitif in the evening enjoying the fantastic views over the city centre, the Collegiate penthouses offer a real sense of tranquillity in the confines of the city.
Williams is USC's first outright winner of the Honda-Broderick Cup, an award first given in 1977 to recognize the top collegiate woman athlete.
These institutions will work together to provide the trade a truer picture of the entire collegiate licensing industry, as well as maximizing opportunities for collegiate brands and helping to prevent the unauthorized use and sale of products bearing the members' logos.
Terryberry will produce metal molds for Collegiate Bead Company's beads, charms and bracelets featuring the licensed logos of more than 120 colleges and more than 20 sororities.
The Kodak/WBCA All-America Teams honor the ten best collegiate women's basketball players in the nation.
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