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of or resembling or typical of a college or college students


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Briefly, our section prides itself on the quality of our projects (both legislative and substantive), our CLE programs, our committee work, our friendships, and our ability to thoroughly, and yet collegially, discuss and come to resolution on many diverse matters within our purview.
Years of working collegially have built cohesiveness, efficiency and mutual trust among the scientists, clinical staff, data managers, and other professionals and support staff comprising this Afro-European and pan-African clinical trial network, as well as sound relationships with surrounding communities.
I am very supportive of nurses and doctors working together collegially in a variety of arrangements for the betterment of their patients and I continue to work closely with colleagues--both doctors and nurses--to achieve this.
Little and his board, working together collegially, originated the conglomerate concept that by 1980 had come to embody Corporate America.
As a symbol of collegially, he wears a bishop's miter instead of the tiara.
In a new Canadian Senate, Senators may need an incentive to develop expertise in some field and to work diligently and collegially in their committee assignments.
I am pleased to say that your Board is working together collegially, collaboratively, and productively on behalf of all shareholders.
In addition, it undermined major council recommendations to engage in dialogue and act collegially.
By presiding over them collegially, he effectively affirmed and proved that his primacy was not in danger.
In addition to providing invaluable help in a leadership role, collaboratively and collegially with the other senior members of the firm, Mark will take responsibility for our Executive Board and will coordinate the broad group of management resources that forms a core part of our investment strategy.
He wants lawyers to treat other lawyers collegially and professionally.
Based on my experience and observation, these attributes boil down to three essential characteristics: being deeply informed, perpetually skeptical, and collegially independent.
UnitedHealth Group looks forward to continuing to work collegially with physicians and their professional organizations to improve the quality of care delivery and to simplify health care administration.
When did you have them acting collegially except in councils?
I had dreamt of a functioning collegially among the bishops "with and under the pope," one that would not reduce individual bishops to mere spokespersons for the curia but see them as true collaborators.
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