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of or resembling or typical of a college or college students


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positive consensus in decisions is a collegial skill that is valued in
The collegial spirit of Vatican II, it turns out, is quite different from the conciliar spirit of the Council of Constance.
Programmatic use of processes promoting focused conversation around mutual problem-solving, shared visioning, collaborative learning, collegial coaching, and shared work do appear to facilitate the development of teacher thinking across the dimensions of dialogue identified in the analysis.
Early collegial intervention efforts might involve just the department chairperson and another staff leader.
Since we're constantly in each other's embrace, it's a warm and collegial atmosphere.
Taken together, according to Bergquist (1992), these three traditions produced a collegial faculty culture:
Many employers perceive these year-end gestures - bonuses, gifts, collegial celebrations, and time off during the holidays for community service - as part of a broader program to attract and retain top talent.
Through this online collegial platform, new teachers were given opportunities to discuss difficult issues such as poverty, natural disasters, and war that influenced their classrooms.
Neither the more collegial atmosphere that Tighe helped to foster nor her natural presentation skills assured that her entry into the business went completely smoothly.
These are grown women and their interplay is - if not girlish - certainly collegial.
Commitment to change is difficult without a sense of shared experience in a collegial environment that allows for diverse ideas, for the excitement of shared work, and for new directions to be inaugurated," she says.
While, at first blush, collegial interaction might seem appropriate, in reality this approach is tantamount to "curbside consultation" in the face of what is, in all likelihood, a chronic, progressive mental health issue.
How can libraries' traditional hierarchical reporting structures be successfully reconciled with the collegial relationships prevalent among faculty and researchers in organizational units in which librarians and researchers are expected to work together?
The Check Forum provides a uniquely collegial and confidential setting for information exchange.
The result is a campus that offers a more collegial environment.
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