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of or resembling or typical of a college or college students


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The collegial body requires the presence of three members in order to issue orders, decisions, and resolutions.
Indeed I hope to offer a more theoretical framework of the characteristics and attributes that I say should be understood as being part of any aspirational understanding of what it means for a legal academic (and most likely any sort of university academic at all) to be described as collegial.
Russian mining company Mechel OAO (NYSE:MTL) reported on Tuesday the appointment of new members to its elected management collegial executive body following board of directors' approval.
Lastly, not all such behavioral issues need to begin with collegial intervention.
L'annee scolaire debutera le 11 septembre pour le cycle primaire et le 12 pour les cycles secondaires collegial et qualifiant
As well as a clash between men and the women, we are witnessing a clash between the hierarchical model of church represented by the diocesan priesthood and the collegial model of church represented by religious life.
Grants to groups fund collegial study, action research, lesson study, or mentoring experiences.
Glass walls are employed to create a collegial atmosphere, allow privacy when needed, and promote daylighting throughout the full-floor space.
Research on social support and job satisfaction has yielded mixed results, partly because studies have rarely examined different types of workplace social support, such as collegial support, task support, coaching, and career mentoring.
The concert was a unique collegial endeavor, which acquainted the audience with the talented professionals teaching and performing in the area.
During the meeting, the associate dean spoke of the significance of writing in our profession and of the importance of collegial support in helping promote scholarship.
But I also believe the Catholic church should exercise its authority in a much more collegial way," said Bishop Patten, the Anglican bishop of Wakefield in England.
The whole point was to find a process that was more collegial than litigation,'' he said, ``and I think both parties achieved their ends on that score.
When he worked for computer giant Hewlett-Packard's national professional services and medical products group a decade ago, the lack of cohesive effort put multimillion-dollar accounts at risk Brown recalls those pressure-cooker days: "When the team had a hard time ramping up and working in a collegial, positive way, it would make for a longer startup period.
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