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the level of education that college students are assumed to have attained

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The four-year schools create a course track starting at the community college level and finishing at the four-year institution.
In mathematics, 63,504 students, or 55 percent of those tested, scored high enough to take college level mathematics.
Determining which jobs are college level also can be difficult.
We've had so many success stories from former students who have gone on to breeze through tough programs at the college level," said Terry Kaufman, president of IMACS.
Students who were not yet prepared for college level programs would be invited to enroll in adult education or developmental studies curricula.
The TAG agreement is a way of recognizing, acknowledging and encouraging exceptional academical work at the community college level,'' university President J.
Athletics Employment Weekly RR 2 Box 140; Carthage, IL 62321 1 year, $65; 6 months, $40 (Nationwide college level only)
The crisis is exacerbated by the inadequate number of underrepresented minority students who are prepared to study engineering and technology at the college level.
It's a comprehensive survey suitable for classroom discussion at the college level.
Chapters are heavy in footnoted references to source materials and analyze many different aspects of Jewish culture and philosophy for academics at the college level.
Both science and health collections at the college level will benefit highly from The Dana Foundation's CEREBRUM: EMERGING IDEAS IN BRAIN SCIENCE, a compendium of brain research in a yearly anthology representing how prominent neuroscientists and others react to new discoveries about the brain.
These studies took place at the high school and college level and most of them lasted fifteen weeks or more.
Lyon, one of the more innovative offensive coaches at the junior college level in the state, said he feels lucky to have such a versatile weapon at his disposal.
Nonetheless, all such jobs in these occupational groups, when filled by a college graduate, are counted as college level in the BLS analysis.
The online AP curriculum resources from Apex Learning are immediately available from Peoples Publishing along with college level texts and other supplemental print materials.
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