college girl

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a female student at a coeducational college or university


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Not only that, but college girls won't want jewelry loose on the top of the dorm room dresser.
She said the recent incident of alleged gang rape of a college girl in Manshera district has left very disturbing impact on the women folk.
Singhal in connection with the fake encounter of 19-year-old college girl Ishrat Jahan.
Annabel, 30, a former Greenhead College girl, grew up in Netherthong and studied English at Oxford before working in for a TV company and then in PR before retraining as a teacher.
It was reported last week that Weiner sent an inappropriate photo to a college girl via his Twitter account.
BATTLE FOR THE BALL: The Under-18s had a great day of sport when they competed in the Tees Valley Under-18 Netball Festival at the Macmillan Academy; MAKING A PASS: An English Martyrs' girl looks for a team-mate, above while a Middlesbrough college girl tries to take the ball from a Queen Elizabeth player; TAKING THE SHOT: Queen Elizabeth's goal attack shoots, above, and players discuss their team tactics, above and below; SOLO PLAY: This Darlington player is on the ball, and girls enjoy the sport on offer, left and far left
Then there is Janie Reston, a young American college girl savagely brutalized left for dead because of her connection to Cann.
In the movie, Laura Linney plays the smart, careerist defense attorney Erin Bruner, whose client, Father Richard Moore (Tom Wilkinson), is charged with letting the title college girl (newcomer Jennifer Carpenter) die of negligence during an extended de-possession effort.
Bruce will play the father of a college girl who is dating Ross (David Schwimmer).
The college girl category also included the white collar worker, or "business girl," whose corset needs presumably differed from older women who did not work outside the home.
The accused had reportedly kidnapped a college girl with the help of her class fellow and raped her in a moving car.
As per the report, the villagers from Kalyanpur in Samastipur district had hired a local priest for offering worship to deity Durga during Navratra (a festival dedicated to the worship of Hindu deity Durga) during which he developed intimacy with a college girl student.
From the Bliss College Girl Laundry Bag to the Word-Up College Laundry bag, these new nylon laundry bags provide a look for the laundry room that's unique and plenty colorful.
The Spring Breakers actress claims she couldn't really relate to her new film role as a college girl who gets caught up with a drug dealer.
He was knocked out by Oxford college girl Sam, who arrived wearing a figure-hugging pair of pink shorts.
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