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the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

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But the winners - who'll each be sent one of the collectors' pieces - are.
In fact, his first albums were originally recorded on 78 rpm record discs and are now much sought after collectors' pieces.
The special numbers which he puts together from time to time are collectors' pieces, and this is eminently true of the spring issue of 1999, containing a symposium on fascism and British Catholic writers.
As well as being user-friendly, this tableware should be cherished as collectors' pieces.
The carpets were treasured as family heirlooms, but today few of the antique collectors' pieces remain, according to InnerAsia.
Collectors of sporting memorabilia, military items, bakelite, country artefacts, commemoratives, advertising ephemera, fishing and nautical collectors' pieces are all catered for.
I don't know if these photos will become collectors' pieces.
Measuring about 14 ins long these exquisite scale models are rare collectors' pieces.
Products from the potteries of Swansea and Llanelly are the mainstay of regular exhibitors Stuart Brown and Swansea's Magpie Antiques, while other dealers fill the ever-increasing demand for popular collectors' pieces from the 20th Century.
A specialist section will be dedicated to engines, motors, bicycles and other collectors' pieces.
Clifford was part of a team which created a "shop-window" for them to sell their products and, as a result, 'Pixieland' collectors' pieces are in demand all over the world.
A full house is promised by locally-based organisers Towy Antiques Fairs with about 180 dealers from far and wide bringing the biggest selection of antiques and genuine collectors' pieces to be seen under one roof in this part of Wales.
What I would really like would be for Julian to sign Sean's and Sean to sign Julian's - they would be real collectors' pieces.
From the organisers of Wales's biggest antiques fair at Carmarthen, their Cardiff fair is a friendly, busy event, promising a range of quality antiques and collectors' pieces spanning the 19th and 20th Centuries.