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the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

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On hand at the fair will be experienced and knowledgeable dealers specialising in such diverse fields as sporting memorabilia, postcards, maps and prints, watches and clocks, toys and bears, film memorabilia, and fishing and nautical collectors' items.
The chairs may now have become fetishized collectors' items (at least on the West Coast), but, as revealed in the photographs, their lowly bottoms still exhibit their down-to-earth "do not remove this tag" tags, lint, and scratches.
Once the sale of Pixar to Disney is complete, Pixar will no longer be able to issue stock certificates, making the certificates themselves collectors' items.
The shirts have become collectors' items and can be seen on runners on the town's roads as they get into shape for this year's event, on Sunday, September 21.
There'll only be 3,000 of them and while they're supposed to be for kids, they're likely to become instant collectors' items," an insider tells us.
Now, the saucy lids are collectors' items worth hundreds of pounds.
THE Bristol Auction Rooms have expanded their Bristol operation by the creation of Saleroom Three, which is to specialise in the sale of collectors' items.
Batchelder, whose tile works have become coveted collectors' items.
Many other Opry collectors' items and miniatures also will be featured on Shop At Home, along with autographed copies Wariner's latest album, "This Real Life" released this August.
Fans are keen to get hold of goods bearing the old date thinking they will become collectors' items.
Lopaty thinks the mini-Furby toys stand a good chance of becoming collectors' items, in part because there are so many varieties that some customers may make it a mission to capture them all.
In the blockbuster movie, Woody the cowboy doll has been kidnapped by Al the greedy toystore owner, who intends to sell him and his pals to Japan as collectors' items.
The spinning tops are gaining popularity as collectors' items, sometimes selling for as much as several thousand dollars.
The badges became unfashionable due to the "racist" connotations of golliwogs but are now seen as collectors' items.