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the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

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This iconic collector's piece, Official Formula 1 Opus Bernie Edition, will be presented by Opus Media Group, the luxury publisher that produces premium, limited edition publications, in official partnership with leading names in the world of sport, entertainment & fashion.
The collector's piece will appear on QVC's Diamonique day over the Jubilee weekend.
This one was number two of the 50 - and that makes it a collector's piece although a costly one.
Combining his artistic skills with the ultimate piece of Formula One memorabilia is sure to create a unique collector's piece.
The pounds 5 collector's piece will be minted in the coming months and go on sale before next year's wedding.
A collector's piece, the calendar is selling for $15.
Ran makes high quality parts for Ruger revolvers and installed and tuned his patented free-spin pawl, half-cock notch hammer and other parts, making the guts of this fine collector's piece a modern firearms engineering masterpiece.
He said: "It was good to get my first goal for the club and a left-footer from outside the box was a bit of a collector's piece.
It's a collector's piece, and I have not shot it for years.
The specially serial-numbered collector's piece also comes in a USA Shooting/Ruger commemorative lens label box.
Art glass vases and an Oriental chest add interest to the room, along with a collector's piece of Asian art, hand-painted on four panels.
Bradley said: "I was inspired by the content of the book and I decided that if I could obtain the autographs of all 30 jockeys and contributors, namely John Oaksey, who wrote the foreword and Sean Magee, who compiled the book, it could represent a collector's piece in terms of horseracing memorabilia.
A PIECE of farm machinery that hadlain rusting in a field for over 30 years has become a collector's piece.
Company boss John Mullock said: 'This is a tremendous collector's piece.
More of a collector's piece than mass entertainment; an exercise in ingenuity.