collector's item

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the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

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The phone is designed as a valuable collector's item for Barbie fans and comes as part of a gift set including a beautiful Barbie collector doll matching to each unique phone, a complimentary crystallized compact makeup mirror and a mobile pouch made out of Italian leather.
The signed shirt is a fantastic prize and a real collector's item, with the team all personally signing it to create a great piece of sporting history.
The Capitol Showband - A Collector's Item is on sale in shops in Galway, Sligo, Letterkenny, Longford and Ennis.
While this one is not autographed, it is still destined to become a collector's item as it is one of only six of these custom guitars that will ever be made, the company said.
The custom-made collateral is fast becoming a collector's item, taking on the cachet of a very expensive coffee table edition.
I suspect that no matter what my opinion is, this disc, one of the final two (and first two SACD) releases from the late MFSL will become a cult collector's item.
Canada's graphic anti-smoking campaign featuring full color snaps of diseased body parts on tobacco products, becomes a collector's item among Canuck teens.
Officially licensed by the BBC and manufactured by Lledo plc, it's just got to be the collector's item of the year and comes in a special presentation box.
After decades in fashion exile, Birkenstocks are back--and mine are quite the collector's item.
And 100 runners- up will each win a special, limited-edition T-shirt - sure to become a collector's item.
For the student or scholar interested in tracing the artistic development of a poet, Remembrances of Spring will become a collector's item.
Not only as cute toy or figure, BE@RBRICK is but also worldwide collector's item with unique and various designs.
A replica of a primary school mural has been tipped to become a collector's item after it was made into a commemorative envelope.
Dons fan Cherry Elder, 30, has already turned down pounds 500 for the collector's item, which she won in a 10p raffle 20 years ago.
Described variously as stiff, gaudy and 'very Welsh', the eccentric piece of furniture has become something of a collector's item, nevertheless.