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bring under collective control


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The reports suggest that the rebellion was caused by the "tactless behavior" of those responsible for collectivizing agriculture in the district and that the rebellion was supported and engaged in by almost all of the region's peasants.
Village church bells constantly warned neighboring villages of danger or of collectivizing activity and brought their inhabitants rushing to confront the collectivizers.
In the next two chapters, the author draws a stark contrast between collectivizing death and individualizing life.
Reform of the school system will only come about when we stop collectivizing performance of students, teachers and administrators.
By 1980, nationalization of the countryside became the government's principal goal, an economic program with the intended social objective of collectivizing consciousness.
On the other hand, to the extent that Ruskin reinforced a cult of domesticity, albeit collectivizing those household tasks that caused untold drudgery in women's privatized existence, women's separate spheres and inequality were maintained.
The corporate owning class--of whom Fonda's hubby is an illustrious member--is forever merging and collectivizing, the better to enforce and profit from its power over the rest of us.
Dauenhauer says the organization prompted a few fears that growers were collectivizing.
He defended localism, custom, prescriptive institutions, individual self-reliance, and social hierarchy against the collectivizing and centralizing orientation of the Roosevelt administration.
Robert Goodin, a philosopher at Australian National University, defends the welfare state as an efficient vehicle for collectivizing responsibility.
Mosher's failure to present one shred of believable evidence to back up his accusations doesn't prevent him from calling for ``vigorous, constitutional restrictions'' of the now-familiar leftist, collectivizing kind.
Second, the Phoenix Plan has thrown everyone into the same basket, effectively collectivizing decision making.