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characterized by the principle of ownership by the state or the people of the means of production

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subscribing to the socialistic doctrine of ownership by the people collectively

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All equipment and broadcast network technology currently used to disseminate these outrageous lies and propaganda ("We're glad that you're on the job, Admiral", "Don't worry--warm water microbes break down the oil") is to be collectivized and redistributed on street corners in order to encourage more participation and free expression in the report and analysis of such tragedies.
Once the agricultural sector of the USSR was collectivized, the hunger began.
to denormalize him, to explore the ways in which his often contradictory idealization of the utopian exchange of feelings grows out of his inability to experience that exchange himself and thus out of his need to imagine it by 'remote control,' as it were, by guessing at its collectivized emotional contours intellectually" (43).
Evidently thus, there are certain stakeholders who wish to see the EU mutate into some variant of a collectivized imbecile, which keeps a measured silence on all subjects whose implicit or explicit implications reach Israeli shores.
was brought into a public space where it could be collectivized and shared by all and merged into a wider narrative of national redemption.
This is a book with hundreds of tables: number of households collectivized 1928-33, food consumption per collective farmer per day in the Odessa region, registered rural annualized monthly crude death rate, by region.
Many of these good people, deeply influenced by popular prophecy theories, live in abject terror, in these "last days," of being collectivized into a one-world Marxist gulag in which their liberties, faith, and guns are taken away and their families are placed at severe risk.
While Stalin's comment about middle peasants flocking to collectives was misleading, it helped to convince the plenum of the Central Committee to endorse a policy of wholesale collectivization, in which at least 80 percent of every village would be collectivized.
104) It is important that criminal law doctrine remain faithful to the increasingly collectivized elements in criminal behavior.
The Communist government collectivized farms and banned most private businesses, and for years Vietnam suffered from crushing poverty.
It's hard to know what the Greens would do if they ever got into power (they've managed only to join governing coalitions in Europe), but perhaps those in the agriculture business who don't co-operate with them might end up with their land seized and collectivized by organic peasant farmers with a social conscience.
Solubility of nitrogen in slag follows Sieverts law, and according to the theory of structure of slags as mediums with collectivized electrons it depends upon oxidation degree of the slag and gas phase above the slag melt [11, 12]:
CAUSE AND EFFECT: When China's Communist government collectivized farms, what happened to food production?