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characterized by the principle of ownership by the state or the people of the means of production

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subscribing to the socialistic doctrine of ownership by the people collectively

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Many of these good people, deeply influenced by popular prophecy theories, live in abject terror, in these "last days," of being collectivized into a one-world Marxist gulag in which their liberties, faith, and guns are taken away and their families are placed at severe risk.
For example, even the rulers were brought in from other places and its people meaninglessly collectivized as "Transjordanians.
Luna Brystiger, head of the division of the political police investigating the Catholic Church, left the following notes after making the Sisters' acquaintance: "The clergy help independent farmers and foster dislike of collectivized agriculture .
The Communist government collectivized farms and banned most private businesses, and for years Vietnam suffered from crushing poverty.
It's hard to know what the Greens would do if they ever got into power (they've managed only to join governing coalitions in Europe), but perhaps those in the agriculture business who don't co-operate with them might end up with their land seized and collectivized by organic peasant farmers with a social conscience.
Even though some of the essays address matrixes of power directly in determining the duration and form of collectivized forms of public and national memory, I missed a more differentiated discussion of the intentional acts of repression that create or demolish multifaceted spaces of resistant memory as mediated in cultural diversity beyond questions of identity.
CAUSE AND EFFECT: When China's Communist government collectivized farms, what happened to food production?
1992: The red and the green: The rise and fall of collectivized agriculture in marxist regimes.
Roots of Sharon's hardline opposition to accommodation with Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular are seen to stem from his parents, who fostered a fear of invading Arab hordes and owned the only fenced property in their otherwise collectivized farm village.
After 1920, the Bolsheviks collectivized the region and subjugated its natives, known as Laaps or Saami.
Something terrible happens to the writing when it becomes consensus--and collectivized.
The centerpiece of Cardenas's plan for Yucatan was a federally administered land reform project, in which the haciendas, which produced fiber for use in the manufacture of rope and twine, were to be collectivized, as "ejidos.
While Kosak's readiness to assign a democratic consciousness to immigrants for whom neither homeland culture nor American reality evinced such a democratic ethos is, at times, dissatisfying, the author's discussion of immigrant self-empowerment seems more convincing, especially when located in a collectivized sense of community.
At the onset of the Communist revolution, the state assumed ownership of land and enforced a collectivized model of living.