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bring under collective control


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The conventional lender can also to some extent collectivize economic risks by diversification of loan portfolio both as to type of security as well as ratio of loan to value.
Rather than thinking of the conspiracy as a group animal, all we have to do is recognize that such groups are composed of individual agents who decide to collectivize reason, i.
Just as important, improvements in communication and information-transfer have increased the ability of real and imagined victims of corporate malfeasance to collectivize litigation efforts.
Most modern societies that have attempted to collectivize resources and decision making have proven that such an approach is neither politically nor economically sustainable, and can be maintained only by relying on force.
State Department has accused the Nepalese Maoists of intending to impose a one-party people's republic, collectivize agriculture, reeducate class enemies and export their revolution to neighboring states if they come to power in Nepal.
For all the talk about collectivize and cooperative agriculture, until late 1928 early 1929 when massive forced collectivization fell upon the village, what the Bolshevik government was actually doing was continuing the tsarist Ministry of Agriculture's policy of developing private plots.
Deconstructionists can be seen busily at work as they regulate and collectivize human activity, thought, and language.
In fact, we care about ownership and funding and access so that we can get the mic, the Mac, the airwaves, and in the final analysis, own, create, consume, and even collectivize media that reflect our needs, our values, our image.
The coup de grace follows soon after the bolshevization of the region, with ill-fated attempts to collectivize an already impoverished people; wholesale condemnation of Chukhchi dress, habits, traditions; and, finally, the slow suffocation of the indigenous language in Soviet boarding schools.
Pursued by Stalin and his state-sponsored drive to collectivize farming, Mennonites living in the Ukraine hastily abandoned their century-old farms in the mid-1920s.
Part of that proposition is based on the assumption that the power of the CEO is enhanced by lack of information and the inability of shareholders to collectivize, and that if people are kept ignorant and they are unable to get together, it is very hard to present a challenge to somebody who happens to be in power.
They concluded that today's technologies, including Windows, groupware and the world wide web, barely scratch the surface of what Engelbart was trying to achieve in his efforts to collectivize intellectual work.
Forced labor camps were often used to help collectivize agriculture.
A young boy living in Stalinist Russia, Pavlin Morozov, informed the authorities that his father was an enemy of the state, specifically the part that wanted to collectivize farms.
Exploitative repression gets exacerbated by the withdrawal of the state at the point of the lived experience of work insecurity and the absence of the state when the insecure worker seeks to activate her democratic and constitutional right to collectivize to protect work and livelihood rights.