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Synonyms for collectivised

characterized by the principle of ownership by the state or the people of the means of production

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subscribing to the socialistic doctrine of ownership by the people collectively

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Caption: Craftspeople, farmers and workers are no longer collectivised and family-run businesses are returning
The researchers said that the potential causes for loneliness include a widespread move since the late1970s from highly collectivised communities, where several generations lived under one roof in close proximity to their neighbours, to communities dominated by the nuclear family, many living in impersonal city apartment blocks.
However, a much more sustainable future is to be found by providers and collectivised workforces negotiating the development of this sector.
The fault lies with the absence of adequate funding and the system of collectivised healthcare centred around a handful of widespread district general hospitals.
Although disappointed that "the position of women" in the Society of Friends "did not amount to anything like practical equality with men" (11), Gill does affirm the Quakers' "relational, collectivised identity" and describe the collaborative modes of writing that gave voice to both male and female believers (182).
Coming back towards a more pluralistic and collectivised national industrial relations settlement will take time, not the least because trade unions have been effectively margainalised and resource starved.
In fact, there exist few good studies of the relative efficiency of collectivised farms, and the studies that exist find somewhat mixed results.
When Pol Pot seized power in 1975 private property was abolished, cities were emptied, money abolished and schools and hospitals closed in a deranged Maoist attempt to create a collectivised, agrarian utopia called Democratic Kampuchea.
To build socialism, agriculture and industry would be collectivised, and agricultural export earnings would be used to finance agricultural production, light industry, and ultimately heavy industry.
Unlike other central European countries, such as the Czech Republic and the former East Germany, farming in Poland was never fully collectivised under the communist regime, and a number of family farms were able to survive as private enterprises throughout much of the last century.
In the second section, Christian covers some of the more boring but nevertheless very important issues such as creating a legal structure for the proposed intentional community, understanding zoning bylaws, forms of available finance and how to access it, establishing healthy neighbourly relations with non-communal folk, negotiating with bureaucrats, and some of the complex issues of taxation when income and property are collectivised.
Goodin advocates collectivised public solutions to current social problems, arguing for promotion of the common good and collective state-centred welfare, active labour market policies and energetic programs of education, training and job creation (p.