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bring under collective control


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The questions were inevitably political in nature, and the debate was eventually ended by the political decision to collectivise agriculture and launch the first Five Year Plan.
Under the Four Year Plan formally introduced in 1976, the Khmer Rouge sought to collectivise all property and increase rice production.
Pour comprendre l'usage des medicaments et les differences entre les groupes selon les cultures religieuses, il faut resituer le rapport de chacun de ces groupes a plusieurs enjeux : la consommation (ce qui est juge une forme de gaspillage ou de securite) ; le souci porte a la nature du medicament prescrit ; le caractere collectivise ou non de son usage (jusqu'a quel point on partage une ordonnance) ; l'exces et la mesure (le dosage, ce qui renvoie a l'ecart, a la moderation, au depassement, a la transgression) ; l'engouement de masse pour un produit donne ; et l'efficacite.
Then the city suffered from the dead hand of socialist central planning and a disastrous attempt to collectivise southern Vietnam's agriculture after communist forces defeated the US-backed Saigon regime in 1975.
Vietnam started towards economic reform in the late 1980s following a disastrous attempt to collectivise the whole country after the Vietnam War ended in 1975.
Now, however, the Soviet-style drive to transform Yugoslavia into an industrial state and collectivise agriculture had patently failed, economic breakdown threatened and the country had broken with the Soviet Union.
In what Newt Gingrich, the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, has described as "an extraordinary experiment" and an "extraordinary gamble" all the countries of the EU, with the exception only of Denmark, Sweden and the UK, will now proceed to collectivise their economies.