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Synonyms for collective

Synonyms for collective

members of a cooperative enterprise

done by or characteristic of individuals acting together


Related Words

forming a whole or aggregate

set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government

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Whereas native's reasons for xenophobia may lie in a will to dominate or resistantly reclaim a sense of collectiveness, (50) immigrants have complementary or contrasting motives.
There is a sense of collectiveness to the process, observers say, because if one or two unions cede to the contractors' demands, it usually weakens the bargaining position of the rest.
However, Menkel-Meadow (1) identifies two other meanings: those who recognise certain attributes as uniquely feminine regard the profession as feminised 'when traits such as empathy, relatedness, nurturance and collectiveness are recognised, valued and expressed in the performance of professional tasks and functions'.
Such as, in the case of the Oxygenator, a momentary neighbourhood, a public space open to collectiveness, be it as simple as realizing that we breathe with the same air, that we are together here and now.
The minister congratulated the government for measures like 18th amendment, NFC Award and Aghaz Huqooq-e-Balochistan and cited a sense of collectiveness in these measures, urging for its continuation to focus the important issue of economic revival.
The strategy of reconciliation and collectiveness will go a long way to change the destiny of our people, she added.
Its title is a quotation from Sir Isaac Newton ('If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants'), which nicely sums up the collectiveness of science, including medicine.
If asked to pinpoint the key element of its collectiveness, one group might emphasize common ancestral or "racial" bonds.
Berger goes on to show how genre scenes also participate in this fiction of dramatic collectiveness, reinforcing, as so many scholars have done, the contrived, artificial nature of their seemingly effortless naturalism.
Clement believes the calm collectiveness of the club's midfield engine room will be beneficial.
Owing to the collectiveness feature of tourism resources, tourism products, to some extent, can be compared with common property.
One of the minor flaws of The Hollowing as a novel--rather characteristic of sequels--namely, the scientific explanation and extension of mythago process paraphernalia, is counterbalanced by Holdstock's genius in collating North-American and European myth and shamanism--perhaps wielded as a testament to his underlying belief in Jung's conclusion to the collectiveness and universality of archetypes.
This is the basic model of a multiplicative organizational principle, where the deviation from the mean value may originate by random fluctuations around an ideal cooperation of the parts, such as, for instance, variable collectiveness of cells in a cell population.
For example, global measures such as population density or neighborhood social disorganization affect all residents living in a particular area, but the collectiveness of these measures may contribute to rates of problems (Morgenstern, 1998).
Moreover, in Zagajewski's poem, fire is connected with the "blazing appeal" of collectiveness, whereas individual disillusionment ("later, by myself") tastes like ash.