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Synonyms for unconscious

Synonyms for unconscious

Synonyms for unconscious

that part of the mind wherein psychic activity takes place of which the person is unaware

without conscious volition

(followed by 'of') not knowing or perceiving

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Closely related to the concept of the collective unconscious and dependent on the assumption of its existence are the archetypes.
4) and Jungian notion of collective unconscious and archetypes as primordial tendency help provide conceptual implications of the social praxis of Chinese fortune telling.
Frye's analysis greatly extended the ideas of his contemporaries, such as Maud Bodkin, and presents a valuable second branch of archetypal theory as it suggests that archetypes can be related to society or history and used as a model of literary criticism, without having to accept the idea that primordial images exist within a collective unconscious.
I also believe that just as an individual's dreams and slips of the tongue reveal his or her repressed knowledge, so a culture's "dreamwork" -- its films, pop music, visual arts, and even in the resonant jokes, cartoons and advertising images -- reveal the signs of this collective unconscious.
No doubt these disparities result largely from the fact that the works were not produced beneath the banner of an ideologically cohesive (restrictive to some, like Antonin Artaud) movement such as Surrealism The first exquisite corpses made by Breton and company were thought to unleash the power of a collective unconscious, but such rhetoric has rightly given way to a fresh set of paradigms, ones whose figure-heads are less Freud and Trotsky than Deleuze and Guattari.
It breaks fresh ground with hypnotic weaves of African percussion, overlaid with the unutterably beautiful voice of Gerrard, an intellectual Australia native who views her voice as representing ``an abstract vocabulary that lies within the collective unconscious.
Like ``Waiting to Exhale'' and ``The First Wives Club,'' ``The Mirror Has Two Faces'' appears to have some of the ingredients of an ``event'' film, a movie that fires a synapse in the collective unconscious.
Her sculptures may be expressions of the collective unconscious, as she implies, but they are also self-consciously unique.
What Smith created here was the image of a feminine collective unconscious, in which the decorative objects were personal and particular yet universally familiar and meaningful.
Under current artistic director Christopher Bruce, Rambert has reinvented itself once again, integrating its formerly cool, cerebral visions into the wider world of rock 'n' roll, modern art, sexual fashion statements, human-rights abuses and whatever else tickles its collective unconscious.
Snatching stills from anonymous weblogs and surveillance feeds, projecting them onto large sheets of photo paper, and developing the results using standard color photography techniques, Sean Dack creates lush, mysterious glimpses of a twenty-first-century collective unconscious.
But it was only a manifestation of our collective unconscious.
No matter your background, you can't escape having some sort of relation to Christmas, and it is that collective unconscious Stoll taps.
Watching the mind is a safe method to dive into the individual and collective unconscious and clean it of all social and religious rigid mental structures that do not allow us to enter into contact with the consciousness.
I use the term "archetype" here not in the Jungian sense but in the wider sense of an image that is present not only in the collective unconscious but also in the collective consciousness.