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a system for international peace

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Ministers touched upon the course of implementation of decisions of the session of the Collective Security Council held in Yerevan, in 2016.
Collective security is based on the principle that an attack on one state, is an attack on all states in the particular system; and that all states have to stop the aggressor.
In the sidelines of CSTO, current issues of international policy will be discussed and measures to prevent the associated challenges and threats to collective security in the region.
The Dnepr long-distance radar, which is part of the Balkhash facility, provides round-the clock observation of outer space and registers ballistic missile launches in the entire southeastern collective security region.
The Collective Security Treaty Organization comprises Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
It is Germany that brought collective security in its handling of the Central European powers such as Poland, Slovakia and other sovereign states relieved of their former Soviet hegemony.
This idea referred to combatants that abused the right to war or carried out unrestricted warfare, in which case he thought they should be repressed as common enemies by an international coalition for the sake of collective security and to preserve the laws of war.
The key topics will be the activities of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and their communication and humanitarian
The lower chamber of the bicameral parliament went ahead with the agreement promoted as crucial in boosting collective security among the six-member states, following a recommendation in its favour by a parliamentary committee.
The agreement has since been amended to meet the requirements of the current phase as the GCC member countries seek to beef up their collective security and protect their achievements.
Summary: Embarking on yet another public diplomacy initiative, the first of its kind, the Pakistan Embassy on Wednesday organised an interactive lecture on regional and trans-regional route to peaceful coexistence and collective security as a means to raising awareness on contemporary political discourse.
MOSCOW, (SANA) -- Leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization member countries on Tuesday called for resolving the crisis in Syria by the Syrians themselves with adherence to Syria's sovereignty and halting the violence soon.
This distinction can help us test a set of models in security studies, namely, hegemony, concert of powers, and collective security.
Patil further said that India was taking a keen interest in bringing reforms in the United Nations if the Security Council wished to react effectively to the re-emerging collective security challenges.
The third factor has been building a sense of GCCs collective security and its effectiveness in confronting the sources of danger that threaten the security and stability of the region.
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