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a noun that is singular in form but refers to a group of people or things

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In collective noun-headed constructions, the collective noun is the controller and the main verb is the target.
For example, the grammatically massed nouns which become semantically bounded through partitive constructions, such as bread with the collective noun loaf in a loaf of bread, are submitted to a "cognitive operation of bounding, or portion excerpting, as triggered by a piece of bread, which is realized in this sentence: If you break a glass, use a piece of bread to sponge the area where the pieces shattered (8).
A Gastropods B Crustacea C Cephalopods D Arthropods QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: What is the collective noun for a group of larks?
make verbs agree with the subject of a sentence when it is a compound subject; an indefinite pronoun; a collective noun, title, or amount; or a singular noun ending in -s; and
But did you know that the collective noun for a gathering of vicars is a "prudence," or that a group of hermits is an "observance?
In the Arabic language, shajar 'forest' as a collective noun is uncountable.
a reader makes a hitherto unconsidered point on protecting the status of engineers: namely that "engineer" is used as a collective noun for technical types in the UK in a way that it is not in European countries.
There was a huge flock of jackdaws or to give them their proper collective noun - a clattering.
With so many platypuses turning up at once one wonders what the collective noun for a group of platypus is?
VisIIIion (eyes) eyes in vision A scoJJJld (jays); jay in a scold (scold= collective noun for Jays) The honouKKKrs-list (Ks) K's in the honour's list (K = knighthood) ChigLLLago (Ls) Ls in Chicago HesitaMMMtion ('ems) hems in hesitation A farmNNNyard ('ens) hens in a farmyard A sprinOOOkler ('ose) hose in a sprinkler A poPPPd {peas} peas in a pod A skiQQQlift (queues) queues in a skilift TrousRRRers (arse) arse in trousers WimbleSSSSSSSSSSton (10 S = tennis) tennis in Wimbledon ChinTa (tea) tea in China A flUUUock (ewes) ewes in a flock V ?
The word Latino is also often broken down into Latino/a or sometimes Latin@ as some feminist organizations object to the use of the Spanish male collective noun when describing men and women together.
I don't know what the collective noun for BBC undercover journalists is but I'd imagine Messrs Leahy and King would have a few monosyllabic suggestions.
the conceptual counterpart of a collective noun, has two conceptual individuation levels that we will name collection level (i.
The Concise Oxford Dictionary does not define the collective noun for a group of technologists.
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