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a noun that is singular in form but refers to a group of people or things

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Oh, and the collective noun for a multiplicity of writers is a worship, by the way, which sounds just about right to me.
A magyar nyelv konyve 1995 : 161; Hangay 1995 : 224-227; Laczko 1997 : 35; Szofajtani elemzesek 2003 : 41): They think that a "real" collective noun can never be applied to a single individual (e.
VisIIIion (eyes) eyes in vision A scoJJJld (jays); jay in a scold (scold= collective noun for Jays) The honouKKKrs-list (Ks) K's in the honour's list (K = knighthood) ChigLLLago (Ls) Ls in Chicago HesitaMMMtion ('ems) hems in hesitation A farmNNNyard ('ens) hens in a farmyard A sprinOOOkler ('ose) hose in a sprinkler A poPPPd {peas} peas in a pod A skiQQQlift (queues) queues in a skilift TrousRRRers (arse) arse in trousers WimbleSSSSSSSSSSton (10 S = tennis) tennis in Wimbledon ChinTa (tea) tea in China A flUUUock (ewes) ewes in a flock V ?
The word Latino is also often broken down into Latino/a or sometimes Latin@ as some feminist organizations object to the use of the Spanish male collective noun when describing men and women together.
I don't know what the collective noun for BBC undercover journalists is but I'd imagine Messrs Leahy and King would have a few monosyllabic suggestions.
the conceptual counterpart of a collective noun, has two conceptual individuation levels that we will name collection level (i.
The Concise Oxford Dictionary does not define the collective noun for a group of technologists.
This nylon - well, what other collective noun could there be?
This variation is characteristic of group nouns in OE (such as folc 'people'), though, according to Mitchell, "when the collective noun and the verb are in the same clause, the verb is normally singular" (1985: 41, [section]80).
If it's "a flock of swans" and "a bevy of beauties," would the collective noun be "an assemble of ballet directors"?
And as a handy by-product, there was finally a collective noun to sum up the team (previously it took several lines and a darn good memory to rattle off all the Olympic workforce segments).
This section of the paragraph expresses what both the beginning of the paragraph and the entire chapter have implied all along, that to apply Negro as a collective noun is impossible.
b) TEI believes the term "public" may be too narrow; it technically may not include foreign individuals or corporations; it is also a "mass or collective noun," whereas the IRS may wish to stress that it wants to interact with its "customers" on a one-on-one, individual basis.
Beware dualistic thinking, I tell myself; but also more specifically now, beware starting any sentence with a collective noun.
Few countries outside Britain have a collective noun for their civil service.
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