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a farm operated collectively

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At the core of the doc are testimonials from some of the Palestinian villagers involved in the collective farm -- like Jalal Oumsieh, the schoolteacher who purchased the 18 cows, geology professor Jad Ishad, pharmacist Elias Rishmawi and butcher Virginia Saad -- which describe the day-to-day travails of the civil disobedience program as a whole.
The market reform of the agricultural sector encompassed structural changes in several thousand collective farms, 25 percent of the labor force, 24 percent of GDP, and 70 percent of land area (Krasnozhon, 2011a; Allina-Pisano, 2008).
If somebody left the collective farm, the land owned before enlisting was not returned, not even exceptionally (16).
A bleak but beautiful portrait of a remote community using non actors, the film depicts rural life on a collective farm, centering on Asya, a lame and pregnant member of the collective.
s m o e It's hard to fancy England at 4-11 to win tonight because their players are not long back from holidays on the costas while their Ukrainian opponents spent it at an all-inclusive collective farm.
Lee has urged the young North Korean leader to give up the collective farm system and pay greater attention to human rights and defector issues.
Lee further angered Pyongyang this week by publicly unveiling a new missile capable of reaching anywhere in North Korea and by urging the North to abandon its collective farm system, saying continued dependence on food aid ''will only produce beggars.
NEW YORK, April 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --A 1930's Soviet collective farm is not an expected setting for light-hearted comedy, but American audiences will be laugh-out-loud surprised at the antics on stage when Emerging Pictures brings to the big screen the exhilarating and hilarious performance of "The Bright Stream," LIVE in HD from Moscow's renowned Bolshoi Ballet on Sunday, April 29th, at 11 a.
While Hanna was forced to slave on a collective farm and, later, on a new railway, the girls were largely left to fend for themselves.
A collective farm, Kibbutz Beit Oren, was razed to the ground and television showed pictures of a bus and car, which had been carrying prison guards and rescuers when they were engulfed by the flames.
And in Belarus, Europe's last dictatorship, collective farming was never undone, and a former collective farm director, Aleksandr Lukashenko, runs the country.
In 1969, Sherrod co-founded a collective farm, New Communities Inc.
One such attack killed a Thai laborer on an Israeli kibbutz, or collective farm, on March 18.
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