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a farm operated collectively

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16) By contrast, workers under the autonomous link system were given land from a collective farm and tasked with managing it like a private business.
At the core of the doc are testimonials from some of the Palestinian villagers involved in the collective farm -- like Jalal Oumsieh, the schoolteacher who purchased the 18 cows, geology professor Jad Ishad, pharmacist Elias Rishmawi and butcher Virginia Saad -- which describe the day-to-day travails of the civil disobedience program as a whole.
Individual farmers were taxed until they entered the collective, and collective farms were allowed to seize individual farmers' seed grain, used to plant the next year's harvest.
One such attack killed a Thai laborer on an Israeli kibbutz, or collective farm, on March 18.
One of the projectiles damaged a fence at a kibbutz collective farm and another fell into an open space, a spokesman said.
After the magazine expose he took hundreds of members to Guyana and established a communist-style collective farm on land near Port Kaituma, leased from the government.
KEYWORDS: North Korea, economic reform, collective farm
He then draws on the work of Janos Kornai (1980), who argued that shortages, rather than acting as a brake, encouraged expansion in socialist economics, and on Caroline Humphrey's (1983) observations about the criticality of bargaining and allocative power to the everyday operations of socialist economies, to examine labour shortages and bargaining power in the context of Katonga's collective farm economy.
The story features a group of traveling performers visiting a collective farm.
The educational experience at Ben Shemen was grounded in the soil; students had to spend two hours each day working on the collective farm.
Working at a machine tractor station on a collective farm, she sees the brutality and poverty of the workers' and peasants' lives.
A Palestinian militant kills at least 5 people in Kibbutz Metzer, a collective farm in northern Israel near the West Bank border.
On the morning of 25 February, the Gridino peasants looted the home of the collective farm chairman Kosyrev whom they had already demanded be put on trial for his part in the excesses.
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