collective bargaining

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negotiation between an employer and trade union

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Health Services, the Supreme Court described collective bargaining in a different way, and thus posed a new set of questions for legislatures.
While the law on collective bargaining is updated in Canadian Collective Bargaining Law; Rayner's learned, critical commentary on the recent changes to collective bargaining would have been a distinct strength of this work and a good addition to the writings in the area.
Some are trying to undermine collective bargaining by passing on the increases to non-union members before collective bargaining has started," she said.
According to the authors of the study, which was published at the end of February, trade union rights and collective bargaining are still "marginal parameters in defining the goals of social responsibility and the conception of companies' performance factors.
Would Oregon law trump a collective bargaining agreement about rest and meal breaks?
Events in labor markets in both developed and developing countries over the years in periods either of economic boom or recession have not underplayed the importance of collective bargaining process (Akinwale, 2011: 7).
Do I have to join MNA membership as a collective bargaining member?
Some 82% of workers were covered by collective bargaining agreements in 1979.
Collective bargaining would also allow workers to have a voice at work, which is shown to be good for productivity.
Due to data limitations, however, empirical research has not credibly addressed the critical question of how teacher collective bargaining influences student outcomes.
Collective bargaining is likely to deliver transaction cost savings for growers and processors and improve growers input into contractual arrangements, ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper said.
Collective bargaining laws that only empower 'employees' (which may be narrowly defined) to organise and bargain as a collective may leave many workers subject to more restrictive rules of contract, commercial and competition law.
Collective bargaining and changing industrial relations in China; lessons from the U.
The agreement extends the previous current collective bargaining agreement through December 2014.
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