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contract between labor and management governing wages and benefits and working conditions

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The Trade Union of doctors of medicine and dentistry demands from the cantonal Government separate negotiations and the signing of a separate collective agreement for doctors of medicine and dentistry, as it has been done in other cantons, while the HNC Government insists on joint negotiations with representatives of all three unions of those employed in health care institutions and one collective agreement.
In the interim, a working party has been established to bring together all three Acurity collective agreement documents in preparation for consolidation.
The contents of the agreements our union has made with almost all banks, renewing collective agreements that expired on December 31, 2016 and the gradual increases in compensation and benefits to our members, once more indicate the correctness of Etyk's choices," the circular said.
Members of CATCA voted in favour of extending the collective agreement to March 31, 2017.
The President of the Confederation of Employers, Mile Boskov, says that a great part of the business community is unsatisfied and demands that this mistake in the collective agreement be amended.
75) Moreover, in the Israeli legal system, whenever a conflict appears between the provisions of a statute and the provisions of a collective agreement, the provisions of the law shall prevail and override.
4970 dated 19 June 2012 remains relevant until the new Collective Agreement between the CIF and MANWU will be promulgated by the Honourable.
Two readings were completed in Parliament in order to remove an important clause from the Collective Agreements Act.
In her report, Councillor Janice Charles, cabinet member for human resources and equalities, said: "The council does not have an option other than to implement a new pay structure and if this cannot be achieved through a collective agreement then consideration will need to be given to the prospect of seeking direct implementation.
The last collective agreement with the estate workers unions was signed on March 31, 2009 when 405 rupees was decided as the salary for a day, including allowances.
Bezeq The Israel Telecommunications Corp Limited (TASE:BEZQ), an Israeli telecommunications provider, today announced that its board of directors has approved an amendment to the special collective agreement dated 5 December 2006.
10 December 2010 - Finnish flag carrier Finnair Oyj (HEL: FIA1S) said late on Thursday that the strike of its cabin crew ended upon acceptance of a settlement proposal regarding the collective agreement.
As the result of the talks, the Company's administration and Union have agreed on the ultimate terms of the Collective Agreement and a 20%-50% pay rise for various level and category employees.
75% salary increase from February 1, 2010, Guenter Benischek, head representative of the workers in the collective agreement talks, said today.
All NSWNA members covered by the Union Collective Agreement negotiated between NSWNA/HSU and ACS will receive information and a survey in the mail in early April.
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