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contract between labor and management governing wages and benefits and working conditions

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The Correctional Bargaining Unit Collective Agreement covers approximately 5,500 employees, employed in provincial jails, correctional facilities, youth centres and probation and parole offices, who work in a wide variety of positions in the OPS including correctional officers, youth services officers and probation and parole officers.
The President of the Confederation of Employers, Mile Boskov, says that a great part of the business community is unsatisfied and demands that this mistake in the collective agreement be amended.
The collective agreement will remain in force through 1 December 2017.
75) Moreover, in the Israeli legal system, whenever a conflict appears between the provisions of a statute and the provisions of a collective agreement, the provisions of the law shall prevail and override.
4970 dated 19 June 2012 remains relevant until the new Collective Agreement between the CIF and MANWU will be promulgated by the Honourable.
Two readings were completed in Parliament in order to remove an important clause from the Collective Agreements Act.
It is recommended that all reasonable efforts to seek a collective agreement should be pursued over the coming months.
The new collective agreement will run for 14 months, until April 2011.
All NSWNA members covered by the Union Collective Agreement negotiated between NSWNA/HSU and ACS will receive information and a survey in the mail in early April.
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said: "Acas confirms neither UK nor European law was broken at Lindsey, and that European workers were covered by the industry's collective agreement.
Any resulting variation to a collective agreement must be approved by the employees before re-lodging with the Workplace Authority.
The Paramedical Professional Collective Agreement covers approximately 14,000 health science professionals.
United Steelworkers at the Wheat City Metals scrap metal processing facility in Regina, Sasketchewan, have ratified a three-year collective agreement, ending a dispute that included a seven-week lockout in April and May.
The ability of the union to reasonably advance this claim will be dependent on the precise wording of the collective agreement.
The human resources department is legally bound by the union-staff ONA collective agreement, Article 17.
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