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a shallow receptacle for collection in church


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Donations if so desired to the Endoscopy Centre, James Cook University Hospital, a collection plate will be available outside the chapel.
As people increasingly fulfilled the Sunday obligation at diocesan churches rather than at women's convents and monasteries, collection plate cash flowed more freely toward masculine coffers.
The voluntary income we receive covers things like collection plates, planned giving, covenants and gift aid.
And so I was able to pass the collection plate without causing a scene.
Instead of a collection plate, he had a chip-and-pin machine.
The money in the collection plate is supposed to help the church, right?
The rededication service included a blackened collection plate and a depiction of Christ with a crown of burned shards of stained glass.
They won't be donating so heavily to the collection plate next time.
Yes, the collection plate and coffers may enjoy a surfeit of offerings, and the believers may emerge, shape shifting into disciples and even zealots, but the finger of the "supreme being" will touch thee and strike thee down.
Of course these blessings will be more abundant for those who place their faith in Jesus and render a healthy tithe to the collection plate.
Therefore, it's better to drop a check in the collection plate.
In ``The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause,'' Disney's latest collection plate to be passed around the multiplexes, a reluctant St.
With no public money headed for the collection plate, we have agreed to drop the suit for now," said Ayesha Khan, Americans United legal director.
Alaska's congressional delegation might just as well have put a $1 million check in the church collection plate," the newspaper ranted.
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