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a shallow receptacle for collection in church


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As people increasingly fulfilled the Sunday obligation at diocesan churches rather than at women's convents and monasteries, collection plate cash flowed more freely toward masculine coffers.
And, to my relief at the time, there was a child holding a collection plate.
After the rapturous reception that greeted the first series of Tom Hollander's sweet, sleepy sitcom the collection plate has duly been handed out for another outpouring of public love.
Like a preacher delivering a sermon and then passing the collection plate, California vintner Jerry Lohr exhorted several hundred colleagues to think collectively, act cooperatively and invest more in research for the American wine industry as a whole.
Instead of a collection plate, he had a chip-and-pin machine.
The money in the collection plate is supposed to help the church, right?
The rededication service included a blackened collection plate and a depiction of Christ with a crown of burned shards of stained glass.
They won't be donating so heavily to the collection plate next time.
Of course these blessings will be more abundant for those who place their faith in Jesus and render a healthy tithe to the collection plate.
Therefore, it's better to drop a check in the collection plate.
In ``The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause,'' Disney's latest collection plate to be passed around the multiplexes, a reluctant St.
With no public money headed for the collection plate, we have agreed to drop the suit for now," said Ayesha Khan, Americans United legal director.
Alaska's congressional delegation might just as well have put a $1 million check in the church collection plate," the newspaper ranted.
At around the same time, readers of The Daily Kos, a liberal blog that tracks the details of political horse races, had dropped almost $60,000 into the DNC'S collection plate and more than $48,000 in Kerry's.
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