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He owned a voice as soothing as the wash of the sea, and stores of experiences as vast as the sea itself; for his business in life was to wander up and down the world, collecting orchids and wild beasts and ethnological specimens for German and American dealers.
I learned dot trick in Mogoung Tanjong when I was collecting liddle monkeys for some peoples in Berlin.
When I was collecting dose liddle monkeys-it was in '79 or '80, und I was in der islands of der Archipelago-over dere in der dark"-he pointed southward to New Guinea generally-"Mein Gott
The ugly jackdaw, collecting all the fine feathers which had fallen from the other birds, attached them to his own body and appeared at the examination, looking very gay.
A WISE and illustrious Writer of Fables was visiting a travelling menagerie with a view to collecting literary materials.
If their presence proved useful to the species which had seized them--if it were more advantageous to this species to capture workers than to procreate them--the habit of collecting pupae originally for food might by natural selection be strengthened and rendered permanent for the very different purpose of raising slaves.
Unsurprisingly, price and convenience are the key drivers behind consumers opting for click and collect services - almost two thirds (62%) of respondents used click and collect as it offered free delivery, while 42% believe that collecting in store is more convenient than collecting from their local post office or collection centre.
Generally, the use tax is the same rate as the sales tax, and helps the state recoup the revenue lost by not collecting taxes on sales.
The current way of collecting samples involves physically hauling hundreds of bags back to the lab for analysis.
These are cumulative figures, and we do an outstanding job of collecting monies owed through parking citations,'' Jeff said.
While creating Roundup Ready seeds was a complicated process, collecting the seeds is simple.
Future research should include collecting flies in different locations and herds in which high levels of bacteremia were previously detected.
org), Washington, some 240 to 260 million gallons of used motor oils are recycled annually, with a combination of quick lube shops, retailers and do-it-yourselfers collecting oil.
One area that has changed significantly is our system for collecting payments.
THE BANANA SCULPTOR, THE PURPLE LADY, AND THE ALL-NIGHT SWIMMER: Hobbies, Collecting, and Other Passionate Pursuits by Susan Sheehan, Howard Means Simon & Schuster, $25.
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