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Synonyms for collectible

things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)

subject to or requiring payment especially as specified

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Stoelting concluded, "As we begin 2007, we have an improved and increased focus on growing our infant and children's toy product categories and are much less dependent on our collectible products category.
6) Dave Levy, owner of Big Kid, a collectible store in Van Nuys, has turned a childhood hobby of collecting toys and games into a small business.
Malamud has served as president of the Asia Pacific division of the Inter-Governmental Agency (IGPC), the world's largest postal agency which operates postal systems in 70 nations and issues thousands of collectible stamps and coins in conjunction with the Vatican, the Royal Family of the United Kingdom and international figures including John F.
Sculpting of the first collectible set actually began while the actors were still filming the movies, which were shot in sequence over a period of almost two years in New Zealand.
Proprietary RFID technology to scan collectible game cards and bring characters to life - for the highest degree of character customization
Other dealers divide items into three categories: antique, 100-plus years old; vintage, 50 to 100 years old; and collectibles, which can be as recent as the 1980s or even later.
is a privately held corporation that specializes in the development, marketing and sales of specialty businesses within the toy, collectible and gift markets.
Teaming up with globally renowned companies such as Marvel, Nickelodeon, Disney, Rainbow Media and DC, this year's line-up includes new products ranging from highly collectible anniversary card sets from Disney Treasures, to brand new superhero sets for the top-rated Vs.
began exposure of its exquisite, licensed 3-D facial images of NASCAR drivers and its full 3-D replica of sponsored racecars for the collectible markets, maintaining the goal of maximizing our license agreements and delivering excitement of this new product to the NASCAR.
TCG Collectible Tins, which include an assortment of the game's top-selling booster packs, and brand new cards; the Disney Holiday Treasures Collectible Card Set, which highlights favorite Disney holiday scenes and characters, special holiday figurines, and the upcoming Disney CGI video "Twice Upon a Christmas"; Upper Deck's new U.
Each box of Disney Holiday Treasures Collectible Card Set includes five packs of holiday-themed collectible cards and one of three pairs of the famous Disney figurines -- exclusive only to the Disney Holiday Treasures series.
com - for its new collectible trading card game based on the popular children's collectible toy, Mighty Beanz(TM).
is one of the world leaders in trading and investing in collectible tangible assets, mainly philatelic and numismatic markets.
The model GMAI recently used in Hong Kong - of identifying a local auction firm with considerable assets and experience with which to form a profitable joint venture - is similar to the model we will attempt to initiate in the PRC, with an important local firm having the ability to take to market investment systems based on collectible tangible assets.