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Synonyms for collectible

things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)

subject to or requiring payment especially as specified

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In our opinion, the Chinese market can in the near future become one of the world's largest for investments in collectible tangible assets.
Genio's license agreement provides it with access to hundreds of Mighty Beanz characters for use in a collectible trading card game series aimed at children ages 5 - 12.
Geppi stated, "Ted is the leading authority on pop culture collectibles and has nurtured and promoted the hobby since its infancy.
In February, Genio secured North American rights to use the Mighty Beanz characters in a collectible trading card game via Spin Master, Ltd.
The Company's products include a broad range of motorsports-related die-cast replica collectibles, apparel, souvenirs and other sports-inspired memorabilia.
The things that aren't meant to be kept will be most collectible - the really, really disposable items.
Coinciding with a drop in sales for the two leading collectible categories, collectible specialty retailers are experiencing a downturn in sales.
For the full year 2006, despite significant declines in our collectible products category, we did achieve overall organic sales growth.
Some of this stuff, I wonder why I never had it growing up,'' said Dianna Quille, a 42-year-old Valley Glen tax preparer who accompanied her sons Conor and Liam to look for collectible figures.
The Franklin Mint has brought collectible art into tens of millions of households around the world, and we plan to draw from our collective expertise and considerable resources to take the company to the next level, increasing its global presence, adapting it to the new digital world, and preserving the history of one of America's great brands.
In a unique collaboration, Sideshow teamed with New Line Home Video to create the collectible Argonath bookends that are part of a ``Fellowship'' DVD gift set available at major retailers.
99, arrives on retail shelves nationwide in October, allowing players to scan collectible game cards, enhance and modify their game skills, and make their video game characters more powerful over time.
During video game CD-ROM powered play, kids can pause and scan their collectible game cards over the console to upgrade, modify and enhance both their offensive and defensive battle and play abilities such as extra strength, armor and special attack.
The company has built a worldwide following for its authentic replicas of military and civilian aircraft, cars, trucks and other die-cast vehicles, as well as its Hollywood-licensed DC Comics Batman(TM) Collectible Die-Cast Editions and James Bond(R) Director's Cut series.