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Fletcher might be a model of calm collectedness, but the same can't always be said for the contestants on Rebound, who are pitted against each other and must answer questions correctly to bounce the bar back to their opponent.
They may respond to a crisis with disorderly haste rather than with orderly collectedness.
What's more, he's done it with the same solution-focused, cool collectedness that keeps his reverse downhill trek--although a nerve-wracking test of focus and patience--an adventure he can laugh about while it's actually happening.
The touchy feely presenter of the America's Next Model competition for walking clothes-horses, she's always been the epitome of cool, calm collectedness and mother hen-type good sense.
It is tendered in a well-practiced idiom of collectedness and restraint from excessive spousal expectations and, arguably even more importantly, from possible future expostulations and recriminations.