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a telephone call that the receiving party is asked to pay for

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Apliman Collect Call enables subscribers to collect a call from anywhere, allowing a fast response to make critical phone calls.
Etisalat Collect Call service can be used when it is simply preferable for the receiver to pay for the call.
Fixed line, mobile and pay phone users availing of the collect call service, can do so by dialing 132 and following the recorded voice instructions.
Phone company income from prisoner collect calls in Illinois averages more than $15 million annually.
More specifically, each participant used an ASR system to place three collect calls, to place three third-number calls, and to receive three collect calls.
Someone could have called a couple of times with coins, run out of money and made the collect call, he said.
Communications network provider Telenity reported on Wednesday that the company's market leading Mobile Collect Call Application, called Canvas PayForMe, has been selected by a Nigerian operator to help improve communications experience and lifestyles in Nigeria.
New Hala Collect Call Service Means Customers Are Never Out of Reach Innovative New Offering Enables People to Stay in Touch even when they run Out of Credit Qtel today launched an innovative new service for Hala customers, which enables people to make Collect Calls to other mobile customers.
A long distance collect call from an inmate has a surcharge ranging from $1.
Then on Friday morning - Day 10 - Andrea answered the phone and an operator asked if she would accept a collect call from Checkers.
1) There's no word on whether German rower Katrin Rutschow-Stomporowski dials down the center when making a collect call.
I install and maintain inmate telephone systems for this country's largest phone company, and I have to tell you that we receive more American Civil Liberties Union complaints because ``Bubba'' can't call home, or that his mother was overcharged for the collect call than any other complaint in my 21 years of employment.
The company will receive a portion of collect call charges for use of its technology.