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a telephone call that the receiving party is asked to pay for

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Apliman Collect Call enables subscribers to collect a call from anywhere, allowing a fast response to make critical phone calls.
Etisalat Collect Call service can be used when it is simply preferable for the receiver to pay for the call.
Fixed line, mobile and pay phone users availing of the collect call service, can do so by dialing 132 and following the recorded voice instructions.
Summary: Qtel today launched an innovative new service for Hala customers, which enables people to make Collect Calls to other mobile customers.
Prosecutors are trying to make the case that Racz made the collect call to support his story that Ann had called him, even though no one other than him reports speaking to her after April 22, 1991.
Phone company income from prisoner collect calls in Illinois averages more than $15 million annually.
Canvas PayForMe, Mobile Collect Call Application also known as wireless reverse charge calling, provides mobile subscribers the opportunity to make calls even if they run out of credit or have a low balance in their prepaid accounts.
3Cinteractive's continued endorsement of WMRS allows them to provide real-time and accurate information to their Text Collect platform for IVR and Premium SMS enabling mobile collect calls.
Haubold noted that someone making a collect call outside of prison pays significantly more money with surcharges ranging from $4.
We see thousands of collect call requests to wireless numbers that get blocked every month," said Milton Volz, President of American Roaming Network.
In addition, do not accept collect calls from individuals you don't know, regardless of who they claim to be.
84 in collect call fees have until May 26, 2004 to contact the Office of Attorney General for a refund.
Collect Call, the other Californian in the field, finished third at 40-1 odds.
AT ITS TOLL-FREE NUMBER: (800) 322-2885, OR BY COLLECT CALL AT (212) 929-5550.
ARCADIA - For an owner who had never won a stakes before, Rod Rodriguez spent his money with courage and confidence, shelling out $250,000 for Collect Call, which he carefully turned over to little-known trainer Christopher Paasch.