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Synonyms for colleague

Synonyms for colleague

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

one who is united in a relationship with another

Synonyms for colleague

an associate that one works with

a person who is member of one's class or profession

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Teacher professional development: Critical colleagueship and the role of professional communities.
I have immense respect for her and her accomplishments, and I greatly enjoy our colleagueship.
This reaction may be exacerbated if a sole practitioner is operating in an environment with considerable isolation, without the camaraderie, colleagueship, and support found in an agency.
Second, mission and mission study involve colleagueship and friendship.
Thankfully, I have not failed along the way to express appreciation for constant colleagueship and valued friendship.
For instance, the Financial Times outlined that the rescue in the late 1990s of Long-Term Capital Management by the Federal Reserve took place in the context of a web of former colleagueship and personal friendship between top officials at the Fed and the beneficiaries of its largess.
In a small academic setting faculty members miss the colleagueship of fellow specialists but have, instead, a constant intellectual cross-fertilization with other academics whose ideas are stimulating and exciting precisely because they are not those of fellow specialists.
That e-mail exchange was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and colleagueship, which a few months later formed the basis for our blog, "72-27: A cross-generational dialogue between two Christian feminists.
i) communication in the sense of serious discussion about ongoing research; (ii) co-authorship; (iii) the apprenticing, or mentoring, of a student by his or her teacher, and (iv) colleagueship (at the most basic level, two scientists working in the same laboratory).
My second goal is to support our members in their need for colleagueship and professional empowerment.
There is a true sense of colleagueship among faculty, be it with curriculum development or providing advice about a convention presentation.
The bonds of colleagueship and friendship among investigators are treasures gained well beyond the nursing science impacted by the CRCHC.
It also demonstrated his lifelong, passionate and vigorous leadership in voluntary associations committed to peace, justice, care of the earth, "excellence through diversity" and serious colleagueship.
This workforce has been identified as a distinct occupational group, which affects their identity, attitude, interest, colleagueship, collective actions, power, status and work consciousness (Orlikowski & Baraudi, 1989, p.
Convincingly, Logan sees the relationship between Marlowe and Shakespeare less as a professional rivalry than as a probably cordial and stimulating colleagueship in the business of producing popular entertainment for similar audiences--a colleagueship from which the less experienced Shakespeare learned self-confidence and that, after Marlowe's murder, spurred him to adopt Marlovian innovations in poetic expression, characterization, and dramaturgy without slavishly imitating his model or uncritically sharing his more pessimistic worldview.