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Synonyms for colleague

Synonyms for colleague

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

one who is united in a relationship with another

Synonyms for colleague

an associate that one works with

a person who is member of one's class or profession

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Meanwhile, she was behaving scandalously; she was looking out of the window, and thinking of the color of the sky, and of the decorations on the Imperial Hotel, when she ought to have been shepherding her colleagues, and pinning them down to the matter in hand.
The latter gentleman now made his appearance on the balcony, where he was saluted with shouts even more energetic than those with which, ten minutes before, his colleague had been received.
Their skilled colleague soon satisfied them that they were wrong.
He usually had a companion on the way in the person of Monsieur Isidore Baudoyer, head of a bureau in Monsieur de la Billardiere's division, consequently one of Rabourdin's colleagues.
And, remember, if you choose to apply to one of my professional colleagues, he might possibly tell you they were married already.
The president of the Gun Club has the honor to inform his colleagues that, at the meeting of the 5th instant, he will bring before them a communication of an extremely interesting nature.
He reproaches his former colleagues with being sterile and shows them that their sterility is the result of their not believing in anything.
Stepan Arkadyevitch moved quickly, as ever, to his place, shook hands with his colleagues, and sat down.
He had spent the whole afternoon at the Manor House in consultation with his two colleagues, and returned about five with a ravenous appetite for a high tea which I had ordered for him.
Nonetheless, the rest of the day I watched for further occasion to approach my colleague, especially as, toward evening, I began to fancy she rather sought to avoid me.
On the ninth of January, now four days ago, I received by the evening delivery a registered envelope, addressed in the hand of my colleague and old school companion, Henry Jekyll.
The master of the house usually sat in his study on a leather couch in front of the table with some grey-headed gentleman, usually a colleague from our office or some other department.
Fitzpatrick and his colleague now lost all patience; since the others persisted in following them, they determined to give them an unprofitable chase, and to sacrifice the hunting season rather than share the products with their rivals.
Then he folded it up, and glanced first at his colleague and afterwards at Mr.
When the public dinner was over, Francis entered the room, and was welcomed by his Parisian colleague, literally, with open arms.