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Synonyms for collation

a light informal meal

assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence

careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement

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Abdulrazaq accuses the INEC officials of manipulating INEC Forms EC 8D (1): forms for the summary of results from electoral divisional areas collation at Senatorial District Level; and INEC Form EC 8E (1): Declaration of Result of Election.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US-led collation fighter jets bombed again several residential areas in the ISIL-held city of Raqqa, killing and wounding a number of civilians, field sources confirmed on Wednesday.
Damascus, SANA- The Research Legal International Strategic Symposium on Sunday started activities under the title "The Syrian National Sovereignty in the Face of the US-Led International Collation and the Responsibility of the UN and the Security Council towards Applying the International Humanitarian Law.
filte ireland currently collects and publishes two distinct types of events listings on an on-going basis, firstly a calendar of festivals and events, which is the collation of a database of all tourism festivals and events throughout the republic of ireland.
US led collation spokesperson Colonel Steve Warren announced that coalition forces killed 10 "Islamic State" leaders, including people involved in the recent Paris attacks, in what is the second blow to the group after their recent defeat by Iraqi forces in Ramadi, Iraq.
Around 6,000 Sudanese troops have landed in Aden to join the Saudi-led collation in Yemen, Arab media sources reported on Saturday.
Le premier repas avant le lever du jour, le second a la rupture du jeune, puis une collation deux ou trois heures apres.
La directrice centrale de la communication et des relations internationales a precise a TAP que la compagnie nationale "cherche un autre fournisseur" Les voyageurs a bord des lignes de Tunisair ont note depuis debut Mars l'absence de repas et de collation lors des vols, ce qui a provoque leur desenchantement.
Having enjoyed three years of eminently satisfactory service, from a high-performance automatic collation and shrink wrapping machine developed and supplied by Linkx Systems, and complemented by excellent support from the company, a major food manufacturer has now added a second Linkx machine to its teabag production line.
w Made up of a broadr collation of local churh chr es, this networwk represents r dozens of Christians in Walesa who arer campaigning to exposex and end this practice.
In Paris, collation of paper and vellum copies of Aldo's 1501 Martial reveals that bifolia 11 |8, L2|7, L4|5, M1|8, N2|7, O1|8, O2|7, O3|6, Q1|8, R1|8, and Z3|6 were reset; in Austin, collation of paper and vellum copies reveals that P4|5, Q1|8, Q2|7, Q4|5, and V2|7 were reset.
The mission would be entrusted with the identification, collation and assessment of information on 'Gandhi Heritage' material for its management and deployment.
For the crux of the NPP's case is that some EC officials fraudulently changed the figures of votes cast for the two main candidates, John Mahama and Nana Aktifo Addo, during the process of transmitting the tally of votes from polling stations to collation centres and onward to the EC headquarters in Accra.
This senses the packs and indexes when a pocket is filled with the correct collation.