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Synonyms for collation

a light informal meal

assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence

careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement

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A growing number of organizations like the World Bank share our vision of an agile IT infrastructure that can rapidly respond to changing business needs," said Robert Roblin, CEO of Collation.
The participation of the Sudanese troops at this stage will boost the achievements of the Arab collation in its effort to restore Yemen's legitimacy, he added.
Le premier repas avant le lever du jour, le second a la rupture du jeune, puis une collation deux ou trois heures apres.
Contract notice: Study on the collation and dissemination of information regarding piracy and armed robbery.
Having enjoyed three years of eminently satisfactory service, from a high-performance automatic collation and shrink wrapping machine developed and supplied by Linkx Systems, and complemented by excellent support from the company, a major food manufacturer has now added a second Linkx machine to its teabag production line.
w Made up of a broadr collation of local churh chr es, this networwk represents r dozens of Christians in Walesa who arer campaigning to exposex and end this practice.
In Paris, collation of paper and vellum copies of Aldo's 1501 Martial reveals that bifolia 11 |8, L2|7, L4|5, M1|8, N2|7, O1|8, O2|7, O3|6, Q1|8, R1|8, and Z3|6 were reset; in Austin, collation of paper and vellum copies reveals that P4|5, Q1|8, Q2|7, Q4|5, and V2|7 were reset.
QUETTA -- Vice President of National Party and PKMAP to form a collation government in the province and the next provincial government will live up with expectations of people.
The mission would be entrusted with the identification, collation and assessment of information on 'Gandhi Heritage' material for its management and deployment.
For the crux of the NPP's case is that some EC officials fraudulently changed the figures of votes cast for the two main candidates, John Mahama and Nana Aktifo Addo, during the process of transmitting the tally of votes from polling stations to collation centres and onward to the EC headquarters in Accra.
This senses the packs and indexes when a pocket is filled with the correct collation.
Mighty Unilever (or any of the giants now worrying) cannot resolve climate change any more than a collation of scientific evidence leads to policy.
Later on Afghan National Army and Collation forces also shared important information about the presence of the militants.