collateral damage

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(euphemism) inadvertent casualties and destruction inflicted on civilians in the course of military operations

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Khosa added that the film documentary exhibited at the prestigious forums at the international level belied the usefulness of drone attacks as the collateral damage in terms of life and property was heart- wrenching.
The soldiers and Marines interviewed in Collateral Damage describe the venality of a war fought largely out of view of journalists and television cameras exposing the consequences of the war that the American government has unleashed in Iraq.
The game Flying Clarets (16-1) was three and a half lengths clear of Collateral Damage (11-1), with Greek Well (6-1 joint-favourite) fourth.
In each of these examples, the collateral damage was at least 15 percent of the insurance recovery:
If a single figure draw turns out to be not such a disadvantage, the likes of Rio Riva and Collateral Damage, who are closely matched on last season's form, should be there at the finish, along with St Petersburg to whom the handicapper has been kind.
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- Four major acquisition programs--developed in parallel--have come together to provide Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle crews with a revolutionary capability that combines accuracy and reduced collateral damage.
From the increased stereotyping of and prejudice against foreigners in general and Arabs in particular to increases in domestic hate crimes and depression, militancy and anger, COLLATERAL DAMAGE examines national reactions to terrorism as a whole and is essential for any in-depth college-level military or social science collection.
We have to hang tough, play hardball and find a way out of this box, because of the collateral damage that this poses, and the precedent that it creates to NAFTA as an institution and our co-operative efforts in North America.
The One-Year DMB is defined as the dollar value of items that require repair or replacement immediately in order to safely use the facility for its current use or to prevent collateral damage.
These weapons are explicitly designed and primarily employed to incapacitate personnel or materiel, while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury to personnel, and undesired collateral damage to property and the environment.
If you stick to this formula you can minimize the collateral damage to your professional reputation.
innocent civilians") are less likely to suffer collateral damage.
People who are willing to inflict collateral damage will always feel compelled to inflict it.
Mel Gibson's Jesus film, perhaps unintentionally, creates a lot of collateral damage.
In effect, an e-newsletter like ours can become a victim of collateral damage in the just war against hackers, spammers and virus-spreaders.
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