collateral damage

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(euphemism) inadvertent casualties and destruction inflicted on civilians in the course of military operations

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In other words, a swift and targeted attack with the aim of minimum collateral damage to the nearby areas and civilians is a surgical strike.
Khosa added that the film documentary exhibited at the prestigious forums at the international level belied the usefulness of drone attacks as the collateral damage in terms of life and property was heart- wrenching.
The Commandant of the Marine Corps directed the Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration (CD&I) to develop a plan to "significantly increase the capacity and capability of complementary non-lethal systems that supplement lethal systems and allow for increased options for force application relative to the threat with the ability to limit collateral damage and lethal effects.
Senator Feinstein said the committee's staff has made 28 visits to various centres as part of their oversight of the drone program, and that the collateral damage from targeted strikes was far less than what was reported in the press, reports The Express Tribune.
It is important to remember that we work very hard not to cause collateral damage, exceptionally hard and when it happened as tragic as it is, it's by mistake.
The Excalibur is a 155 mm, precision-guided, extended-range artillery projectile designed to engage targets precisely with minimal collateral damage.
Emerging from a major international conference, Inventing Collateral Damage is a collection of studies of civilian casualties of conflict, covering several centuries and continents.
COLLATERAL DAMAGE, who was withdrawn at the start of Wolverhampton's Lincoln trial earlier this month, has been given the all-clear for Saturday's William Hill-sponsored 1m feature after passing a stalls test, writes Andrew Dietz.
Shop owners whose stores were part of the collateral damage attempted to clean the mess and sweep away broken glass.
Based on hundreds of hours of interviews with combat veterans, Collateral Damage represents the largest number of named eyewitnesses from within the US military to have testified on the record.
The alleged collateral damage from her premature return to Oz in July 2006, of pounds 400,000, printed in this column, was never denied.
Fantasies about breaking sexual moulds rarely include collateral damage from emotional bomb blasts.
Ripe for Ripon: Collateral Damage is strongly fancied
Collateral Damage looked in good nick defeating Capable Guest at Pontefract and is still reasonably treated for the tote-sport.
Collateral Damage, also trained in Malton by Tim Easterby, was third to complete a clean sweep for Yorkshire.
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