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From May through December 2003, 96 collared peccaries from 4 experimental farms in 2 Amazonian provinces of Peru (Loreto and Ucayali) were surveyed for antibodies against Leptospira spp.
6%) against serogroup Australis (serovar bratislava) has been reported in collared peccaries and in feral and domestic pigs (7,8)
7,9), the finding of high antibody titers in some individual animals could indicate that collared peccaries are incidental rather than reservoir hosts.
Elsewhere, hunting and destruction of Latin America's rainforests pose problems for the white-lipped and, to a lesser extent, collared peccaries.
Although the animals are losing habitat in Central America, collared peccaries, at least, are gaining in the Southwestern United States.
No wonder early Spanish explorers and missionaries called collared peccaries "musk hogs.
Perhaps because they eat softer - and quieter - nuts and fruits, collared peccaries may have less need for large herds, Kiltie says.
Among the three species, collared peccaries are the most adaptable, both in habitat and food.
Our discovery of collared peccaries represents an extension of 160 km beyond their documented range.
Isle and Hellgren (1995) reported that in southern Texas collared peccaries and wild boars coexisted during periods of high and low overlap in diet.
The objective of our study was to determine short-term rates of intake of mast (pods of mesquites and acorns) by wild boars, white-tailed deer, collared peccaries, wild turkeys, and raccoons.
Because collared peccaries were difficult to capture and handle, they were tested in their home pens with individuals separated by fencing.
In comparison, native ungulates, such as white-tailed deer and collared peccaries, have litters of 1-3/year (Packard et al.
Most studies have concentrated on sympatric relationships between wild boars and collared peccaries (Ilse and Hellgren, 1995a, 1995b; Gabor and Hellgren, 2000).