collared lizard

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any of several robust long-tailed lizards with collars of two dark bands

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Weapon performance, not size, determines mating success and potential reproductive output in the collared lizard (Crotaphytus collaris).
Sonoran collared lizard Crotaphytus nebrius Axtell and Montanucci, 1977.
Collared lizards get their name from bands of black around the neck and shoulders.
The reticulate collared lizard (Crotaphytus reticulatus) is an alert, active reptile with a large head, long tail and strong limbs.
Moreover, it was found that effective population size was small, and hence, genetic drift could have profound effects on collared lizard populations.
Daily exercise for the common collared lizard (Crotophytus collaris): Lift one or two front feet off the ground to keep tootsies cool.
with the exception of the Grismers collared lizard C.
Reproduction in the collared lizard, Crotaphytus collaris, in west central Texas.
Food habits of the collared lizard in northeastern Oklahoma.
The result contrasts with the findings of a 2006 paper on threat behaviors among collared lizards in the southwestern United States.
These hot and dry rocky slopes support scorpions, tarantulas, collared lizards, pygmy rattlesnakes, roadrunners, and prickly pear cacti.
Though Joshua Tree may look devoid of wildlife, even a short walk out in the desert will quickly reveal a myriad of freshly dug holes, where pocket mice, collared lizards, rabbits, or desert tortoises have burrowed.
We tested the procedure of force-feeding radiotransmitters to collared lizards Crotaphytus collaris.